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Gym reviews and testimonials in addition to fitness success stories from our members:

To the Rosenblums, Family-Time Takes on a Whole New Meaning!

By Alex Kelly For the average family, quality time might include game night, eating out at restaurants, or watching a ...
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Fitness challenge success story

How Jen Changes Things Up and Wins First Place!

Jen Johnson, winner of the women's Memorial Day Melt-Away Challenge, has been a member with Eastpointe since 2015.  After Covid, ...
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Madison gets herself back on track mentally and physically, with knowledge and guidance from the Shore Results team!

The Before: Shore Results member Madison Smith found herself in an unhealthy situation, mentally and physically before she started the ...
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Eastpointe Health & Fitness Member, John Huhn, loses 200 lbs in 3 years, and is living proof that you don’t need surgery to lose weight!

John had always been active as a child, whether it was playing football, basketball, or doing track and field. But ...
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Feeling Better than Ever; Linda Takes Her Health Seriously!

Linda joined Eastpointe Health Fitness in July of 2014 after winning a Gift Certificate at a Church Raffle for a ...
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Exercising for Health while Staying Safe; Bob & Mary Ann Morrone return to Eastpointe

Bob and Mary Ann joined Eastpointe Health and Fitness 6 years ago.  They are both in their 70’s and enjoy ...
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“My Only Regret is NOT having Done This Sooner!” Meet Phil

After turning 51 in July 2017, I dusted off our scale to get an idea of my weight. I knew ...
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Eastpointe Health and Fitness Helps Sandy Get Back on Track

When Sandy Rafferty originally joined us in August of 2013, her main goal was to get her life back together ...
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Gym members review

Working Together – The Rosenblums Take their Health Goals Seriously!

Sunday mornings at the crack of dawn you will find Gary and Patti happily working out in Shore Results, catching ...
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gym member review

Richelle Walling Gains Confidence and Achieves Real Results from the Jeans Challenge

Before joining the Eastpointe Shore Results Jeans Challenge, I was in one of those places in life where I knew ...
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Sherill is better able to help others now that she has helped herself!

Before Sherill came in to start our Shore Results program she was working a lot and taking care of everyone ...
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Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare Helped Executive Chef Kim Ramin Stay on Her Feet

After over 30 years working in the catering and restaurant industry, Kim Ramin, Executive Chef and Owner of Et Al ...
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Fran Antonucci Success Story

A year ago Fran was in a very good place. She had lost a lot of weight and had just ...
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Testimonials from our healthcare patients:

Yennifer Overcomes Severe Back Pain and Gets Back her Active Lifestyle Through Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy and other Care

"At 33 years old I didn't think I would find myself limited by terrible back pain. Always having an active ...
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Jodi gets back her active lifestyle with Eastpointe Healthcare

"I love Eastpointe! I went in for discomfort, numbness, tingling and loss of grip strength. Instead of the team telling ...
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Virginia has her life back thanks to Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare

Virginia hiking with her husband in England, and walking on the beach - activities she thought she would never get ...
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How Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare helped keep an avid golfer on the course.

How Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare helped keep an avid golfer on the course. When Bill, an avid golfer, came to Eastpointe ...
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The Eastpointe Health & Fitness Team Helped Fran Timperano Challenge Herself to Change

I have always exercised a lot. At least 6 days a week I was spinning, running and walking. I liked ...
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