Amanda Gains Confidence and Strength with Our Customized Shore Results Program!

When Amanda first joined Eastpointe Health & Fitness in 2019, she was a “cardio junkie.” She was constantly taking spin classes, running, and doing HIIT workouts because that was the only way she thought that she could lose weight.  Amanda was looking to get toned and strong and became frustrated because she was working so hard and not seeing results.

Amanda noticed that her friends were lifting weights and looking great.  She realized that she needed to make a change with her workouts. Unfortunately, Amanda was intimidated by the gym since she had no prior strength training experience.  She needed some help to make her feel comfortable, teach her the proper techniques, and make sure that she had an effective workout plan!

Amanda joined Shore Results in February of 2023 and started strength training with a personal program, custom designed for her goals.  Since then, she has lost body fat, increased her muscle mass, gained strength and confidence. She now enjoys coming to the gym to do her workouts, whereas before she felt like she would drag herself to take a spin class or do a HIIT work out. Now when she incorporates cardio into her workout schedule it is because she wants too not because she must. She feels confident with her body and is no longer “hiding” behind jeans and T-shirts.  With our combined nutrition support automatically built into the Shore Results plan, Amanda looks forward to eating food now. She no longer restricts herself but has learned how to eat all the food that she loves, just in moderation.

Amanda’s advice to others? “Do not be intimidated by what you do not know, reach out to get the proper workout program for you.  Because when you do you realize that you don’t have to work out harder, just smarter.”  

To get started with a custom plan and high level of support, just like Amanda, click here  to schedule a Strategy Session with our staff!  The results will happen faster than you think if you train the right way.  Your goals are within reach.

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