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Strength Machines

Build Power at Atlantic Highlands Gym

Eastpointe Health & Fitness offers a comprehensive strength training experience that caters to all fitness levels. We’re equipped with a full range of Percor/Icarian selectorized strength machines, allowing you to target specific muscle groups with precision. Complementing this, our plate-loaded and cable machines offer varied resistance training options.

In addition, we house a Smith machine and four lifting racks, perfect for those who want to level up their weightlifting routine. Our incline, decline, and flat benches provide flexibility for different exercises and targeted training. We also boast an extensive set of weight plates and dumbbells, ranging up to 130lbs, to accommodate every strength milestone you aim to reach.

Benefits of Strength Training

Increased Muscle Mass

Boosted Metabolism

Improved Bone Health

Enhanced Balance

Better Posture

Reduced Risk of Chronic Disease

Improved Mood & Energy

Increased Endurance

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