Madison gets herself back on track mentally and physically, with knowledge and guidance from the Shore Results team!

The Before:
Shore Results member Madison Smith found herself in an unhealthy situation, mentally and physically before she started the program in January of 2021. She had been dealing with some mental health issues as well as a slow weight gain for a couple of years prior. But when the pandemic hit in March of 2020, things got worse as she was no longer doing any form of exercise and eating/drinking much more than usual. She found herself exhausted daily and was extremely unhappy with the person she had become. That was when she decided enough was enough and took the first step towards a happier and healthier version of herself. She learned about the personal training options we have here at the club and decided that the All-Inclusive program was what she needed to lose weight and regain the self-love she was missing.

The Goal:
When she first started the Shore Results program she was very out of shape and struggled to get through each work out. But the training programs designed by Julia have ultimately taught her how important strength training is to achieve your goals and she appreciates Julia motivating and coaching her through each and every session. The journey over the last year has not been easy for Madison but she has accomplished so much in that time. Her main goal was to lose weight for two of her best friends’ weddings in April and Oct 2021, where she would be a bridesmaid. This was her daily motivation to stick to her program and lifestyle changes she had made. She learned valuable information about her nutrition and exercise, all which helped her hit her goal! Her weight on the scale went from 195lbs to 159lbs and her Body Fat Mass went from 67lbs to 39lbs!

The Nutrition:
Madison always felt she was a fairly healthy eater, she loved protein, fruits, and veggies, doesn’t like greasy food and cooks 99% of her meals. But with the help of Kim’s nutrition guidelines, she quickly gained the knowledge of what she needed to change about her diet to help make a significant impact on her weight loss. She learned how many servings she should have a day, how to compose her 5 meals a day based on macro percentages, how to eat things in their natural state and much, much more. Planning her meals each week took a lot of effort but once she started doing it more consistently, it made things a lot easier. She found that she developed a natural instinct for choosing healthier options when away from home and enjoying food more than ever before that all followed her nutrition guidelines.

The Win:
Madison is extremely grateful for everyone here at Eastpointe but gives extra praise to Julia and Kim for keeping her on track to reach her goal. She’s never felt better, physically, and mentally, in her life and she’s made more progress than she ever thought possible! She is so happy with everything she has accomplished and says she could not have found herself again without the Shore Results team.

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