Thomas’ Health Journey Resets His Priorities and Improves His Relationship with His Children

It was a stark realization when Thomas woke up one day weighing 250lbs. He knew that if he did not change and begin his health journey, his lifestyle was going to eventually kill him.

“I felt horrible all the time,” Thomas said “eating poorly and drinking was killing me. I needed to change to make sure that I was there for my two boys. I was ready!”

Thomas was introduced to training at Eastpointe Health & Fitness through our Physical Therapy department where he was being treated for nerve damage stemming from his Lumbar Spine. Thomas had never done strength training before, however, after finishing Physical Therapy he realized its importance and wanted to incorporate it into his new lifestyle.

Thomas attended a complementary nutrition consult with our Nutritionist, Katy where he disclosed many health issues that he had very recently gotten under control. He was now working with a doctor and had identified many food intolerances. After cutting out ALL alcohol and certain foods he started feeling better and lose weight.

At first, Thomas was nervous to start training but the trainers made him feel very comfortable. “They properly train me and make corrections to ensure I am doing the exercises the right way. This is extremely important and helps me to avoid injury.”

Thomas is now down over 70lbs and has increased his strength. He enjoys his program and trains 2-3 times a week. The best compliment he could receive was from his young son who recently said, “Daddy you’re so strong!”

Thomas’ advise to others? “Change your diet and start training. If I did not get here physically there is no way my mind would let me continue to live this healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle change has improved my relationship with my kids and helped me realize what is important in life!”

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