How Our Physical Therapy Transition Program Changed Alysson’s Approach to Health

After a major car accident in 2019, Alysson experienced level 2 spinal fusion and multiple herniated discs. Alysson depleted her insurance plan’s coverage for Physical Therapy sessions but felt she still needed help. Her goal was to move forward in her recovery, and, as a single mom, it was important that she be her best self for her two children. As a family, they wanted to get back to their “normal” life.

Alysson returned to Eastpointe in June, meeting with Monica, one of our Shore Result’s staff that handles our physical therapy transition clients. After her Strategy Session Alysson knew that she had come to the right place and was in good hands.

When Alysson started with Shore Results she was struggling; weak, unstable, and nervous. “My trainers, Monica, Mary and Alex have been such a support system for me!” Alysson said, “With each new strength program I am encouraged and properly challenged.” Alysson has built strength, created muscle definition, and made tremendous progress.

Today, everything is less of a struggle for Alysson. Day-to-day movements like walking up steps and getting in and out of a chair are easier since she has started. Like everyone else, she has good and bad days, but lately the good outnumber the bad.

“Eastpointe and Shore Results have given me the support and confidence I needed. My trainers have shown me that I can trust myself. There is a disconnect at times from my brain to body and they are always there to give me a boost of encouragement during the process,” Alysson explains.

The thing that Alysson enjoys most about Eastpointe Health & Fitness is the one stop shop for your training needs. Having a personalized program, paired with weekly sessions where a trainer is there to make sure you are performing your exercises correctly, is what really helps Alysson succeed.

Alysson’s advice to others looking to get started “just take a tour and make an appointment to talk with someone. By the end of the conversation, you will feel comfortable joining Shore Results for whatever program fits best for you. Just show up and they will take care of everything else.”

As for Alysson, she plans to keep up her hard work with Shore Results Training. Daily, mini goals are the way to go for her. We celebrate Alysson’s hard work and success!
If you require some extra support with an injury and feel you need to continue your journey to recovery, schedule your complimentary Strategy Session with one of our staff to see how we can help.

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