The New Year, New Year Challenge Is What PJ Needed to Reach His Health Goals!

Prior to joining the competition, PJ was not in a good place physically or mentally.  “My blood sugar was uncontrolled.  I was eating carbs and sugar in abundance, had regular mood swings, and felt awful from not getting any physical activity,” PJ explained.   PJ was suffering from depression and fatigue.  He was having trouble “bouncing back” to the “old him.”


PJ knew he needed something like this to get him motivated again. Even though he is retired, and finances were an issue, PJ decided to invest in his health and leverage the assistance the Eastpointe Team.   PJ joined the challenge with three main goals.


  1. Regulate his blood sugar levels
  2. Lose some weight
  3. Add the gym to his weekly routine again


PJ immediately felt inspired and encouraged after attending Katy’s nutrition meeting and being introduced to the trainers.  Although his weigh-in was alarming, he was focused on changing the results.  He went to the gym for training 4-5 times a week for the first 3 weeks and then, after feeling so great, began going 5 days a week!  PJ never thought he would love going to the gym again, but now “on my days off I miss it!”  He says that even though his coordination is not the best, the trainers showed patience, support, and understanding.   His eating habits have changed dramatically based on the very tangible information provided by the Nutritionist.


Upon completing the six-week challenge, PJ’s diabetes is in a very controlled state. His doctor says at this rate, he will be able to come off insulin all together.  A bonus is that his arthritis doesn’t hurt and the swelling in his joints is basically gone.  PJ lost over 18% of his body fat; 12-14 pounds of pure fat, increased muscle by 3 pounds and mentally feels the best he’s ever felt.  PJ’s mood, energy and overall attitude have changed dramatically over the past couple of months.  He is not experiencing depression or fatigue any longer.  “It’s nice when people compliment me on the changes; not only physically but in my overall personality as well.”


Initially, PJ only intended to do the 6-week challenge, but he was so impressed with the program that he was able to find the extra money to continue his training program.  He is beyond excited to continue this journey and even more motivated now than when he joined!


Do you want to create your own health story?  Let our team help!  Our next challenge starts on April 15th. Click here to get started!

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