Feeling Better than Ever; Linda Takes Her Health Seriously!

Linda joined Eastpointe Health Fitness in July of 2014 after winning a Gift Certificate at a Church Raffle for a trial of our Shore Results training area.  Her original goals were to get stronger and lose some weight.  Linda has been a member ever since.

Linda likes the attention that she gets on the training floor.  “I really appreciate the focus on proper form and making sure that I am completing the exercise correctly.  The program also provides the extra support to keep me on track.”

Linda was one of the first clients to return to training after the covid shut down.  She had gained 18lbs and was feeling terrible not moving.  “I needed to get out of the house and back to some degree of normalcy.”   She felt very safe with the policies that we had in place and was especially comfortable when she saw the set-up of the space in the Shore Results training area. The stringent cleaning and extra precautions were especially important to Linda as she had a breast cancer diagnosis and surgery in 2019.

Since returning, Linda is almost back to her pre-covid weight!  She feels that exercise helped to increase her positive feelings; especially with the anxiety that was experienced during covid.

All of Linda’s tests continue to come back negative since her recovery and she feels that the exercise, nutrition, and physical well-being she has experienced from the environment here at Eastpointe has benefited her tremendously.  She feels better than she ever has in her life.  Doing the physical work has helped with the mental work.

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