Eastpointe Health & Fitness Member, John Huhn, loses 200 lbs in 3 years, and is living proof that you don’t need surgery to lose weight!

John had always been active as a child, whether it was playing football, basketball, or doing track and field. But as an adult, he became less active, and his weight gain started to slow him down. In 2018 he was at his heaviest, 428lbs, and that was when he decided it was time to make a change. He had a goal in mind, he wanted to be under 300lbs, but he knew this was a race, not a sprint to the finish line. It would take time, determination, and lots of commitment to get where he wanted to be. John made the choice to start small, tweaking his eating and consumption of sugary drinks. Before long the weight started to come off and he was down 36lbs in a month. In April 2018 John joined Eastpointe Health and Fitness while weighing in at 368lbs. He heard about the Memorial Day Meltaway Challenge and decided to participate in it to help with his transformation. During the challenge John lost an additional 47lbs but he wasn’t quite at his goal weight yet. He learned a lot while doing the challenge and continued to maintain a steady weight training routine throughout the next year and a half.

When Covid hit in March of 2020, the gym was closed for almost 6 months, but that didn’t stop John. He had a goal in mind and was determined to achieve it. He continued to work out at home, go for daily walks with his pup Thor, and continued his healthy eating habits. When the gym reopened in September 2020, John started to push himself even harder. By the end of 2020 he was down to 299lbs. He had achieved his goal weight! But he didn’t stop there. In 2021 John set a new goal where he wanted to lose 40lbs in 4 months. Not only did he achieve that goal in 3.5 months but he was more determined than ever to keep going on this weight loss path.

“I wanted to lose weight to be healthy and active, as well as prolong my life.” -John Huhn

Currently John works out 6 days a week with a strength training routine he set up for himself while incorporating all the things he learned from the Shore Results trainers along the way. He is also now incorporating 6 days of cardio into his schedule. John says he loves the gym and feels lost even if he skips one day. Today he is down to 239lbs. That’s 7lbs away from a total of 200lbs lost since his weight loss journey began! Working out and eating right are now part of his lifestyle. A healthier lifestyle, a happier lifestyle and he thanks the staff here at Eastpointe for helping him get there. He says he loves Eastpointe’s staff, cleanliness, and availability of hours of operation. Also goes on to say that the vast amount of equipment, exercise areas, and classes, make it a great environment to make a healthier you!

We are proud to be a part of your transformation John and can’t wait to see the final result!

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