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By Michael Muradi – Gym Member & Personal Training ClientNot all fitness places are created equal. Some may have magnificent decorations, state of the art machines, and amenities like pools and hot-tubs that can draw the superficial inclinations in all of us. In my early twenties, I was struggling with getting in shape and developing the kind of fitness consistency necessary for a healthy body and mind. More importantly, I was sick and tired of saying one day I will get into top notch shape or this New Year’s I am definitely going to make this a priority. The one thing that I found out about the gyms with all the hype and hoopla is that they do enough to get you in, but nothing more than that. For people like me who were just starting out and had no clue or confidence about machines, routines, and form that makes a big difference.

Interestingly enough, after ballooning to 230lbs in late 2005, I decided to give Eastpointe Fitness a try after speaking with the owner, Paul Mazzella. Paul was very down to earth and empathetic and basically assured me that if I was willing to do my part (eat right and just show up consistently) that I could achieve my goals. Soon after signing on, the staff at Eastpointe were incredibly nice and supportive. I had never worked out in a place where the trainers would stop what they were doing to say “keep up the good work” and “you’re doing a good job”. From a confidence standpoint, it certainly helped to keep me motivated and made me feel safe enough to continually trying new things. I was also one of those people that worried about what others might think if I tried this or that in a gym.  However, within two months that feeling and discomfort virtually disappeared and I was finally feeling like a regular….  In June 2006, after making it a personal goal to get lean and healthy for four months, I lost 70lbs and it was amazing!! All the years prior, I could not see myself in a gym, however at that moment I could no longer envision not being in a gym and more importantly not being in Paul’s gym. I had maintained my weight loss and routine for an extended period of time and it was simply unbelievable.

Consequently, in the spring of 2008, I began to develop some issues with my lower back and I went to the Doctor and was prescribed an array of painkillers and drugs which essentially numbed the pain, but did not really do anything else. I decided soon after to try personal training with one of the trainers, Nadine Wallauer. Within a month of the training specifically designed for strengthening my lower back, my pain disappeared and I had actually developed more strength and better form overall.

I have since remained a steady client of Nadine’s and I would recommend her to anyone at any level. Whether you are starting out, getting back in, or simply want to enhance your fitness, Nadine has an amazing ability to bring out the best in people and she has become someone who I consider a great mentor and friend as well. In addition, I have also worked with Charlie Grant who is also an amazing trainer with tremendous insights on strength building and power. I have also taken body sculpt classes with Grace Long and consulted with general manager and nutritionist, Kim Garrity on how to eat better and make optimal food choices. I consider the staff to be a team with a down to earth multidisciplinary approach to fitness and health and that is something you don’t always get at other fitness facilities.

I am proud to say that Eastpointe Health and Fitness has played an important role in my life and the continuing development of my health and fitness. Most recently I went to England for a year and came back out of shape and a little overweight. However, just like the old days, it was coming back to my second home and with my extended family at Eastpointe Health and Fitness that has helped me return back to my old self. According to my most recent training session with Nadine, I am only two months away from returning to my 2006 shape! What else can you ask for?

I hope you will give Paul Mazzella and his wonderful staff a try!


Michael Muradi

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