Exercising for Health while Staying Safe; Bob & Mary Ann Morrone return to Eastpointe

Bob and Mary Ann joined Eastpointe Health and Fitness 6 years ago.  They are both in their 70’s and enjoy being active and healthy.   They walk on the treadmill together and then Mary Ann likes to take classes while Bob does his weight training.  On any given day they can be found smiling and happily following their routine.

During the quarantine, like everyone else, their lifestyle was adjusted and they had to change their exercise routine.   Luckily they were able to remain active; walking outside 5-6 days a week and also doing some light weights at home.  When the weather got too hot over the summer they were able to walk at the local mall to take advantage of the air conditioning.

Bob and Mary Ann understand the benefits of daily activity and they are living proof that staying active improves all aspects of life.  As Bob explains “Being 75rs old it is important for me to remain in good health and be able to enjoy my life as well as my family and grandchildren.”

Bob and Mary Ann missed the gym during shut down not only for the equipment but the social aspect as well.  They were some of the first clients that returned to the gym once it reopened.  “Honestly, we were a little hesitant about returning.  It was not until we came in and took a look around that we felt very comfortable,” said Mary Ann.   The biggest factors that influenced their decision to return was the equipment spacing and extra available spaces.  “It made me feel very safe when I realized that things were not crowded and I could distance very easily, ” explained Bob.   Mary Ann feels that “other members have been very considerate, helping to keep equipment clean and also very sensitive to your personal space.”

Bob and Mary Ann are happy to be back in their routine and to see the Eastpointe staff as well as their friends again.

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