How Jen Changes Things Up and Wins First Place!

Jen Johnson, winner of the women’s Memorial Day Melt-Away Challenge, has been a member with Eastpointe since 2015.  After Covid, she decided that she needed a new outlook on her workout routine and that she needed to change things up!  She had always done lots of cardio and it just wasn’t working for her anymore.  And because of her limited experience with weight training, she avoided it.   That’s what drove her to join the challenge.  Jen knew she needed a lot of guidance when navigating this new field and she felt she would get that at the All-Inclusive level of our challenge.

Jennifer feels like she succeeded because of the trainers holding her accountable, as well as the ongoing follow up and helpful, knowledgeable staff.  Having access to Katy, our nutritionist, was a key factor in providing her with the tools she needed to be successful in her overall weight loss goal.  Jen dropped over 22% of her body fat in just 6 weeks, winning her a 1st place spot in the female category!  She plans to continue her success with our Shore Results Essentials program going forward to keep herself on track. Congratulations Jen!

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