Member Kat lost 30 lbs and is the Strongest she has ever been!

When I started at Shore Results, I had just moved to the US from the UK. I was in a new job; in a new country. I knew nothing and no one. I was around 30 pounds overweight and the most unfit I have ever been. This could have been a recipe for disaster.

But, as part of the overseas move, I had made the decision to change several aspects of my life – including making time for myself to get fit. I’ve always loved pushing my body on the sports field, but I never loved the gym. In the 10 years since leaving college, I had prioritized my career over my health and fitness; always being too tired or too unmotivated to work out.

I spotted Eastpointe Health and Fitness on the first drive to my new home in Atlantic Highlands. Within a few days, I had arranged an appointment and signed up for training at Shore Results. I gave two simple goals – I wanted to get fitter and have a healthier body composition.

I was worried that I would hate it, I was worried I would be terrible at it, I was worried I’d embarrass myself, I was worried I would quit. All my previous gym experience had been on cardio machines; I always felt like I was punishing my body because I hated my body. I was also very skeptical. I’d never had a trainer before or lifted weights. I was convinced I wanted a male trainer because I didn’t want to be always comparing myself to my female trainers’ ‘perfect’ body. On the morning of my first training session, I was ready to hate it and feel like a fat, unfit, failure.

Then something awesome happened: There was a scheduling change and Alyssa stepped in for my male trainer to train me. She talked me through everything step by step, explaining how and why we do each part of my program. She was friendly, knowledgeable, and at no point did I feel any of the things I feared I would. Within weeks, I was lifting heavy weights, swinging kettlebells, and having fun doing it. I was pushing my body harder than ever before, but at no point did any of the training feel like punishment. I was loving every hour of it, and more importantly, I was seeing and feeling major changes to my body and mind! Within 6 months, I was fitter than I have ever been, I had dropped over 30 pounds of body fat and was deadlifting and squatting more than my body weight. But more importantly, I was working out because I loved my body, not because I hated it.

Shore Results is a friendly, welcoming, judgment free zone; full of great trainers who are supporting people to become the best version of themselves, whatever that means for each individual. For me it is a home away from home where I can work hard and laugh hard!

Now I love my body for what it can do, not what it weighs and looks like. I’m the strongest I have ever been – both physically and emotionally. For me, this strength has transitioned from the barbell to the boardroom and is benefiting every aspect of my life. I am the happiest I have ever been, and I attribute a huge part of this to Shore Results and the journey Alyssa and team have taken me on.

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