Eastpointe’s Multifaceted Approach Gets Gary Results!

After gaining ten pounds during the winter of 2021, Gary Sisto was at a crossroads. He needed to decide if he would continue with his old ways or seek healthier ones. He was fed up with not being able to fit into his clothes and was tired of the “tire” and “love handles.”

He had been riding his bike ten miles per day for the last two years, but wasn’t losing any weight. He had always been able to eat and drink what he wanted and remained somewhat fit if he kept active, but at age 56 he had to accepted that his metabolism was slowing down.

Gary was unhappy with both his appearance and the way he felt, but didn’t know how to go about making the necessary changes. He knew that to make a lasting commitment, he would need to invest in something that held value for him and held him accountable. Ideally, he was looking for a combination of exercise, physical therapy (PT), and nutrition. It needed to be convenient, because if it were nearby, there’d be no excuses.

He investigated a few gyms, but was overwhelmed by too many workout options. With no guidance, he was ready to throw in the towel, until he found Eastpointe Health & Fitness! It is just a four-minute drive from his house, and he could even walk or ride his bike. He decided one day to stop by the club and was pleasantly surprised.

He was greeted by the front desk staff, and then met with one of the facility managers for a one-on-one conversation about his needs. He liked how the operation was family run by members of his own community. He was given a tour of the club and was quite impressed by what he saw. But what solidified the deal was discovering that right next door was a physical therapy practice that would work in conjunction with the trainers in the gym. As a Shore Results participant, his PT would be incorporated into his full body workouts—his trainer and therapist would share information. That’s exactly what Gary was looking for and needed.

With Shore Results, he gets access to the nutritionist on site. He can log his daily meals into an app and the nutritionist uses the data to help him remain on track with his plan. They talk at least once a week, and he’s learned a lot about his eating and drinking habits. Gary says even when he falls “off the wagon,” he’s still mindful of the choices he could have made instead.

With a combination of training three times per week, physical therapy once per week, and the daily nutrition component, in just over two months, Gary has lost 10 pounds! He’s gained muscle mass and is seeing some noticeable muscle definition. He is stronger, has more stamina, and overall feels more energetic. Gary says the relationships with the trainers, therapists, and nutritionists help hold him accountable. In combination with the convenient location, he has no excuses for not achieving his goals!

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