To the Rosenblums, Family-Time Takes on a Whole New Meaning!

By Alex Kelly

For the average family, quality time might include game night, eating out at restaurants, or watching a movie together. However, for the Rosenblums, this quality time has extended into their workouts. Throughout the years, the Rosenblums have made their fitness goals a priority so much so that their entire family is brought together through exercise.

Gary was the first member of the Rosenblum family to begin training with a customized program through Eastpointe’s Shore Results system. Gary enjoys how his program is systematic and progressive, allowing for development to be seen and felt throughout the course of the workouts. Additionally, proper supervision and instruction from trainers always ensured that Gary was able to make the most out of his workouts by cueing good form and providing feedback on exercise variables such as weight, rep and set count, and time. Gary makes a consistent effort to come in for his scheduled sessions and visits, despite leading a busy life with family and business obligations.

Gary convinced his wife, Patti, to try Shore Results because of the experience that he had. Patti noted that she has done everything relatively late in life- getting married, having a family, and exercising was no different. Patti only began when she was 60 years old; however, she knew how important it was to start after seeing her mother lose mobility as she aged. She compared this to her aunt who moves just as well as younger individuals, attributing the difference to the fact that her aunt has exercised for the past 15 years of her life. Like her aunt, Patti would be starting to exercise later in life. Despite this, Patti realized that it was never too late to begin an exercise program to increase mobility, improve activities of daily living, and better overall health. Like Gary, Patti appreciated how the programs were customized to the individual with a progressive approach that was appropriately challenging.

After having both experienced the benefits of their Shore Results programs, Patti and Gary encouraged their son, Grant, and daughter-in-law, Erica, to try the customized training. The two were initially hesitant, preferring to do workouts at home during the pandemic. However, after the circumstances surrounding COVID settled, they finally gave Shore Results a shot. Despite already being very active and experienced with exercise, neither Erica nor Grant had done a customized training program before. They enjoyed the individualization and appreciated the approachability and helpfulness of the staff compared to the other studios they had been a part of in the past.

The Rosenblums have not only been steady in their own efforts, but it is their family approach that helps keep one another regularly active. One of the most underutilized tools in exercise is having a support system, and the Rosenblums have figured out that the best support system is family time.

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