Eastpointe Health and Fitness Helps Sandy Get Back on Track

When Sandy Rafferty originally joined us in August of 2013, her main goal was to get her life back together. Taking care of herself and getting healthy was a big part of this goal. Sandy had a lot on her plate. Her husband had been recently diagnosed with ALS and she was the primary caregiver. She had also lost her home in hurricane Sandy in 2012. Her life was extremely busy but regardless she made the commitment to join Eastpointe Health and Fitness. She had a replacement caregiver one night a week allowing her to attend a yoga class. The yoga helped to balance her body and her mind and gave a small but much needed break to help with the mental strain of her situation.

Sandy loved the facility from the first visit. The staff made her comfortable. “The difference between this and other clubs that I have been to is the staff. Everyone knows your name and they are so supportive!” Sandy explained that she did not like the “competitiveness” of some clubs – she revealed that she had a free membership at another local facility due to her volunteer work and she chooses not to go there.

Unfortunately, her husband Jim passed away in September 2014. After a short break from the gym she returned in February of this year and joined our Shore Results All Inclusive training program. Sandy wanted to get the most support and ensure that she stayed engaged. Mentally tired; it was easy for her to make excuses and fall off with her health goals. She was NOT going to let that happen this time. Sandy made the commitment to work with our training team on an ongoing basis to improve and progress her exercises. That consistency has been a big part in helping her with her goals.

Since Sandy has joined our Shore Results studio a lot has changed in her life. She has become mentally and physically stronger, made new friends that share her interests and she is smiling a lot more. After raising her Highlands home, she recently moved back in. “I really have to thank the staff for their support and for helping me try and get my life back together. The staff at Shore Results is wonderful. I am really enjoying my work out sessions with Sean and the classes I have taken.”

Sandy recently finished our Summer Challenge and joined the Jeans Challenge to get even more motivation and support. The best part of the program is that she is learning new things to help her with her nutrition. “You also get a lot of great ideas and feedback from the coaches as well as other participants.”

We all experience stressful situations in our lives; Sandy has had her share over the last few years. She is a very special person with a great attitude and she has come out on the other side of her tragedies – better; stronger; faster…we could say! Sandy’s future goals? “I am going to work hard to stay on a healthy path mentally, physically and emotionally. Eastpointe Health and Fitness/Shore Results will play a big part with that goal!”

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