Eastpointe Health & Fitness Has Gone Bigger and Better…Right Next Door!

They say “go big or go home” but Eastpointe Health & Fitness has managed to go big and stay home. Eastpointe Health & Fitness recently announced that they are moving their entire operation, the gym, Shore Results studio and Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare, to larger digs in the same shopping center complex. By the end of the 2015, Eastpointe Health & Fitness will be occupying the once “Top Tomatoe” grocery store approximately 50 yards from their current corner location.

“I’ve wanted to expand the gym for years but it really came together in the last year,” said Owner, Paul Mazzella. “We had expanded the gym in 2012 by adding Shore Results Studio but it was one space over from the gym and caused a lot of complications. Between the gym, Shore Results and Integrated Healthcare, we had four front desks. Now we can offer all our services under one roof.”

By integrating all of their services in one space, members can more easily see everything Eastpointe Health & Fitness has to offer. “Many of our members take advantage of all our services but other members are simply not aware of everything we have to offer,” said Mazzella. “Now when you come in to take a group fitness class, you will be able to see what kind of training we offer with Shore Results or maybe you weren’t aware the we offered chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and nutritional counseling. Now our “integrated” approach to health and fitness will truly be integrated.”

The newly renovated 11,000+ square foot space offers Eastpointe Health & Fitness members not only more room to workout in but will include state of the art fitness equipment like a four station lifting rack, new cardio equipment and a larger spin studio. Locker rooms will include granite counters and larger saunas. More televisions will be installed as well as a brand new $15,000 sound system.

“One of the additions that we’re excited about is that we will have a dedicated space for child care,” said Mazzella. “Child care in our existing location is held in our spin studio which limited when we could have the space available for either spin classes or child care. Now we can offer an expanded spin class schedule and child care schedule.”

Because the new space has high ceilings, there will be a 1700 square foot mezzanine which will include office space but also an open space for stretching and rolling. Shore Shakes will be moving too and include easier access for members.

For Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare, the move will include additional massage rooms and better exposure and access to fitness areas. “Many of my clients also have gym memberships,” said Dr. Jay Mazzella, “By being under one roof it facilitates better access for our clients to us and the trainers.”

The $750,000 dollar project will be completed by the end of the year. “We plan to be operating in our new space by the 1st of January,” said Mazzella. “Because we’re literally steps a way, we will only have to close the gym for one day during the move.” New and existing members can expect the same friendly staff and service that Eastpointe Health & Fitness has always offered.

“Look for our Grand Opening announcement sometime in January 2016,” said Mazzella. “We can’t wait for the community to see our new state of the art fitness space and expanded healthcare services.”

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