The Challenge is Over!

As the Jeans Challenge comes to an end I just want to thank everyone at Shore Results for being so patient and supportive in helping me achieve my goal. I’ve learned new ways to challenge the body and mind. There are so many diets on the market and I know many of us especially us women find it very challenging to lose those extra annoying pounds. I am a pure witness and want to let you all know that these intervals of training at Shore Results will put you on the right path to success.

I’ve learned so much within these past eight weeks. One thing that really helped me was writing things down that I consumed throughout the day. You must make sure you don’t skip meals and watch the starches and what starches you consume because Miss Kim the nutritional expert will catch you! I have to admit it does take a lot of will power and motivation to not want to eat those starches for dinner but I knew Kim checked my nutritional log book frequently so I wouldn’t consume anything except what I was told.

In conclusion, everyone at Shore Results helped me every step of the way even when I was exhausted and wanted to take a break, they will keep pushing you. After this challenge I feel leaner, much stronger and enjoy very challenging workouts. Everything I’ve learned will forever stick with me and I will take that with me next door to Eastpointe Health and Fitness and continue my success thanks to the Shore Results Team.

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