Acupuncture is one of the world’s oldest medical therapies, and is used to reduce stress and relieve a wide variety of symptoms. Bringing together Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy and Massage provides you with the optimal care for you to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Some of the symptoms acupuncture helps relieve are:

Back Pain • Neck Pain •Muscle Pain • Arthritis • Sciatica • Sports Medicine • Headaches • Migraines • Insomnia • Digestive Problems • Asthma • Respiratory Problems • Sinusitis • Anxiety • Fatigue • Stress Relief • Depression • Menopause • PMS

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Dr. Kevin Lyons

Dr. Lyons has a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science, Acupuncture, and Oriental Medicine.

An experienced and compassionate acupuncturist, Dr. Lyons believes that comprehensive analyses and proactive treatment are key in achieving optimal health and wellness. Couple that with a dash of kindness and a healthy level of accountability, and the path to healthy living is ever closer.

In addition to providing exceptional care to his patients, Dr. Lyons enjoys yoga, hiking and biking, and running on the beach with pup. 

Please welcome Dr. Lyons to the Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare family!

Nicollette Melo

Nicollette received her bachelors degree in kinesiology and health at Rutgers University and her masters degree from Eastern School of Acupuncture and traditional medicine. She enjoys treating musculoskeletal/sport injuries, treatment for “Shen Disturbances”/psychological disorders, psychosomatic disorders, trigger point release, and treatment of infertility.

Nicollette believes in an integrated approach to optimal health and likes to work in an environment where her patients can receive the best care. When Nicollette isn’t working she enjoys trying new restaurants, yoga, and is learning to garden.


Michael Boutros

Mike graduated from Eastern school of Acupuncture and traditional medicine in 2017 with a Master’s degree in Acupuncture. During his time with ESATM, he learned many techniques, such as Cupping and Electroacupuncture.  But the one thing that stood out to him the most was working at the VA hospital in East Orange NJ; working alongside some of the Top MD’s in NJ (Orthopedic surgeons, Neurosurgeons, and Dermatologists) to deliver the most optimal results to his patients with the latest technologies.  Mike specializes in Orthopedic conditions, both chronic and acute, with dedication toward helping individuals understand their own needs and reach their best potential.

During Mike’s downtown he like to visit beaches, travel, golf, and spend time with his fiancée.