Physical Therapy


Restore Your Movement, Renew Your Strength

At Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare, our certified physical therapists provide a customized plan of exercises, stretches, and education to help improve movement and manage pain — especially after an accident, injury, or surgery.

Why Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare?

  • Comfortable, clean facility with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Convenient day, evening, and Saturday hours
  • We work with most major insurance companies including Medicare, personal injury, and workmen’s compensation. A complimentary benefits check will be completed for your convenience.
  • Full access to a 4,500-square-foot fitness center with all amenities

Schedule your complimentary consultation and benefits check. You are under no obligation to continue treatment.

What can physical therapy help with?

Conditions we treat include:

Neck Pain
Low Back Pain
Tennis Elbow

Knee Pain
Post Orthopedic Surgery
Hip Pain

Neck Pain
Rotator Cuff Problems
Foot/Ankle Pain

... and more

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