Chiropractic Treatment

Eastpointe Health & Fitness is a leading provider of chiropractic treatment in Rumson, Atlantic Highlands, Highlands, and the nearby areas. If you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, leg pain, or discomfort in other areas of the body, a visit to the chiropractor can help. Many people think that chiropractic care is just for back pain. However, it can also treat a variety of different health concerns including depression, memory loss, fatigue and more.

Diversified Technique

The most common technique used by chiropractors in this country. The doctor uses the position of the patient's body and a gentle thrust to adjust the vertebrae. "Clicking and popping" sensations are sometimes felt. This is known as an "audible."

Instrument Adjustments

One of the gentlest methods of adjusting the spine, the patient lies face down on the table, and a spring-loaded activator is used to almost "vibrate" the vertebrae into position. This technique is a favorite for those a bit apprehensive about manual adjusting. "I just don't like the noise!"

Toggle Drop

The chiropractor, with crossed hands, presses down firmly on a specific area of the spine. With a quick, precise thrust the doctor adjusts your spine to improve its mobility.

Drop Piece table adjustment

The patient lies on a table with a "drop piece" which falls from under them when the brief thrust is applied. It allows for a more gentle adjustment without the twisting positions that may accompany manual adjustments.

Motion Palpitation

A hands-on procedure to check if your vertebrae are moving freely.

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Dr. Jay Mazzella

DC Clinical Director
Dr. Jay Mazzella

DC Clinical Director

Dr. John Mazzella graduated from Georgia's Life College in 1991. He has been practicing Chiropractic ever since, including 7 years in Australia. Dr. Mazzella is a Jersey Shore native, caring for his community's wellness. After years of practicing his art in many different areas, he has found a home inside the Eastpointe Health and Fitness Center. 'Dr. Jay,' as he is known to his patients, believes in 'patient first' care. He believes in educating patients as to the cause of their problem, making honest and clear recommendations and then honoring whichever choice the patient makes. In terms of what type and how much care they receive, this 'we don't push' philosophy has kept many patients happy over the years while they confidently refer their family and friends.

headshot photo of Atlantic Highlands Chiropractor Johnathan Mendez

Dr. Johnathan Mendez

headshot photo of Atlantic Highlands Chiropractor Johnathan Mendez
Dr. Johnathan Mendez


Dr. Johnathan Mendez is a New York native, born and raised in the Bronx. He graduated from Penn State University for his undergraduate studies and went on to receive his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Palmer College in Florida, graduating summa cum laude. He is a big advocate for exercising and strength training to promote wellness and improve overall function. If he is not in the office treating patients, he is mostly likely in the gym exercising, cooking/eating food, or watching SportsCenter.

Why do you need to see a Chiropractor?

Many people are under the common misconception that chiropractic care can only benefit those suffering from back and neck pain. Did you know that chiropractic care can help:

  • Headaches/Tension
    Sciatica Problems
    Neck Pain
  • Low Back Pain
    Sinus Problems
    Leg Pains
    Female Problems
  • Dizziness
    Hip Pain
  • Wrist/Hand Pain
    Foot/Ankle Pain
    Memory Loss

State-of-the-Art Chiropractic Care

At our chiropractic treatment center, we provide a variety of different types of chiropractic care using the best techniques. Whether you are seeking chiropractic treatment after a car accident, for a sports injury, or for longstanding aches and pains, we can provide the right care to ease your discomfort. Our wellness center features the latest equipment and technology to help us better serve our patients. Each treatment room features the best in chiropractic equipment, including electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound equipment, and more.


What to Expect

First visit

First Chiropractic VisitYour first time at Eastpointe is a no-commitment appointment. You’ll be able to meet our staff and discuss your health history, as well as your health goals for treatment. After some brief paperwork, the doctor will determine if chiropractic treatment is right for you. If you are a suitable candidate, we will perform a non-invasive examination, evaluating your body’s strengths and weaknesses. The doctor may also take pictures of your spine if necessary. This first appointment will be a bit longer than future appointments: approx 45 min.

Second visit

Second Chiropractic VisitAfter careful examination of your information, the doctor will discuss his findings with you. If you need to see a different specialist, we will give you a referral to the right office. Otherwise, we develop a plan of action custom-fit to your specific needs and goals. You have the final say over your treatment—we will to respect whatever decision you make regarding visit frequency. Our goal is to get you on the road to healthy and happy as soon as possible!

Regular visits

Regular Chiropractic VisitWhen it’s time to start regular visits, you will likely notice results quickly. Visits don’t take long—from a few minutes to half an hour. Our painless, non-invasive treatment methods are designed to re-establish your body’s natural operation, reduce pain, and improve your overall spinal function.

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