Conquering Roadblocks to Exercise

Conquering Common Roadblocks to Exercise.
Despite an overwhelming amount of research supporting the benefits of participating in a regular exercise program, we are still suffering from an obesity epidemic in this country.
If you’re like most people who aren’t already exercising regularly, you’ve probably run into one problem or another that kept you from starting what you wanted. Here is a list of some of the most common difficulties people have with starting an exercise routine, and what to do about them.

Roadblock #1: “I just can’t find the time to exercise”
Try finding a gym that is close to home. If you have to travel over 15 minutes to workout, you’re more likely not to go in the first place. Set small goals for yourself and realize that since you are not currently exercising, any addition is a step in the right direction. Consulting with a trainer can also help develop an efficient workout plan focusing on more “bang for your buck” exercises that produce greater results in less time!

Roadblock #2: “I’m very self conscious of how I look while working out.”
Not all gyms are created equal!  Try finding a smaller gym that offers a more intimate setting than that of a large commercial franchise.  The “big box”, budget, and chain gyms are not for everyone.  Find a club that has the personal touch that you are looking for.  Also, a lot of gyms have some hours that are less crowded than others, ask staff members about those times and try and schedule your workouts then.

Roadblock #3: “I’m too tired to exercise.”
Exercise is the answer! Once again research has proven that participating in a regular exercise program increases your energy levels. The key is to progressively increase your activity level to avoid becoming sore or developing injuries from doing too much too soon.  Also, what you are eating has a great deal to do with the way you feel.  Find a gym with a nutritionist on staff and take advantage of your free consult to learn what and when you should be eating to keep you energized throughout the day!

Roadblock #4: “I’ve started exercise programs before and never follow through.”
The problem here is that most people go about there goal of weight-loss without a plan and without the help and support they need to be successful. Without a clear guide, people stall and get frustrated when not seeing the results they desire.  Don’t try to go it alone.  Develop a network of supporters.  Set short term goals initially and have your network hold you accountable.  Get professional instruction and guidance.

This fall we’ll once again be running our Real Results Program here at Eastpointe Health and Fitness. This program removes all of that guess work for you! Participants are assigned a trainer to work with during the program in addition to being scheduled with our nutritionist to establish a personalized plan. This support along with weekly meetings help you stay accountable and get results!.

Everyone struggles in one way or another trying to start an exercise program. Here at Eastpointe Health and Fitness we’re here to make the process as comfortable and rewarding as possible. Let us know how we can help!

For more information about Eastpointe Health & Fitness or to sign up for the Real Results Program call 732-872-6595 or visit our website at

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