What Does it Take to Lose Weight and Keep it Off?


The Center for Disease Control reports that two (2) out of three (3) Americans are overweight.  This is an eye opening statistic and one that is reinforced daily while you are out and about people watching. Everywhere you go you see the unhealthy physical state of our population.

What is even more startling is that even though six (6) out of ten (10) people WANT to lose weight, only three (3) out of ten (10) are actually trying!  Why are ½ the people not even trying?  Have they given up hope? Do they not care any longer?  Or is it that they have tried too many times and failed to succeed?  This last question most likely weighs the heaviest on people’s decision to “drop out.”

In my business I meet with many different clients, day in and day out, from all different walks of life, various ages, and a multitude of goals.  Some start out especially strong and fall fast…others are like the turtle who ultimately wins the race. They are slow, steady and determined.  I have often tried to figure out what it is that makes people successful?  If I had that single answer I could save people a lot of time and effort.  In the first meeting if I determined that they “didn’t have what it takes” I could send them away saying “don’t waste your time and effort, you are not ready.”

Unfortunately, you know as well as I do, there is no single answer that ensures success. Much of what I see in terms of achievement depends upon the support they are receiving, the priority of the commitment in their lives and what else is “running interference” in their lives.  If the stars are all aligned…it works!

I thought it would be interesting to get a perspective from people that are currently “doing what it takes” and find out what is presently making them successful verses what has tripped them up in the past.  What makes this time different?

For Jennifer, who is down over 30 pounds, got started almost 2 years ago in the Real Results Program.  This was what got her kick-started.  Being accountable to the trainers and nutritionist at the club made a big difference. The most critical factor this time has been having the right people in place to support her.  “It is important to have people that you can communicate well with, that support your goals and push you in the right direction.  I have found that here at Eastpointe Health & Fitness,” says Jennifer.  In fact, social support has been proven to be critical for weight loss.  In addition, personal training has been a big factor for Jennifer.  She knows that she CAN do it on her own, but can not depend on herself to “keep the appointment with myself.”  “If I know I have someone there waiting for me and a certain sense of accountability, it makes a big difference.”

Joyce has lost over 40 pounds to date.  She was working on her own and trying her best NOT to depend on other people.  Much to her dismay, despite her intensive workout scheduled, she continued to gain weight.  Joyce decided that she needed the accountability.  She had been watching other people in the gym losing weight and being successful.  Joyce thought that the individual approach with a personalized nutrition plan would work best for her.  Through her experiences in the past she also knew that she needed continual follow up.  She chose to do weekly meetings to keep her on track.  The difference this time for Joyce was the individual accountability.  “When someone is confronting you face-to-face there are only so many times that you can make up excuses!” Joyce said.  An important lesson that she learned was how to be honest with herself regarding her food choices.  She noticed that she was eating a lot of foods that were high in calories and not really paying attention to the quantities.  I recommended she weigh her food for one week to get a better idea of how much she was consuming.  Joyce realizes that this is just the beginning. Now she has to maintain her achievements!  With the help of our nutrition services she feels that she became more educated and better prepared to confront the causes of her weight gain.

There are many stories and countless factors that have helped to change people’s lives for the better.  The bottom line is finding what works for you!  Based on my experiences, here are my top picks for what makes people successful.

1)    Personalizing Your Plan – Every person is different.  Your plan needs to work for you.  It is not “a diet”  “a program” or “a designated timeframe.”  It is ongoing – this is your life stop waiting for the right time – it will NEVER come.  You need to be able to handle your LIFE within your plan!
2)    Understanding & listening to your body – Effectively handling your stress, sleeping properly and take care of yourself and your basic needs.  All these sound simply, but do you really do them?  Take a good, hard look at your habits.
3)    Quality & Consistency of Your Intake – The better the quality of your intake (more fruits/veggies/whole grains) the more likely you will maintain.  Eat Breakfast, don’t skip meals, and be consistent! Don’t eat salad all week and go off the deep end on the weekend
4)    Move! – Exercise, exercise, exercise.  Decrease TV viewing/computer time and maintain a physically active lifestyle
5)    Face –to-face accountability – Who do you answer to?  Weigh in, monitor your eating, enlist a friend, family member or a professional

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