Top Reasons to Still Hit the Gym in the Summer

By Mike Kubas

The mid-summer months are typically the quieter gym months. You most definitely notice a slightly different energy and atmosphere, as well as less time spent waiting for equipment. Maybe even a little less time chatting as you run into fewer familiar faces. After the Super Bowl of Summer (4th of July), there’s a noticeable dip in gym attendance, but this dip can be of real benefit to those still hitting the fitness center. Here are some great reasons to keep hitting the gym

1. More Space! – Looks like that guy who brings his 3 bags, water jug, dog, and boxing gloves to each machine has taken a hiatus to allow for some recovery! This means more room for you! Not only can you get more creative with your space and exercises, but you can even run a small circuit on several pieces of equipment with little interruptions! The efficiency of your workouts can, no doubt, be substantially improved in a less busy gym setting.

2. Try Something New! – Slower times are a great opportunity to try some different classes or training styles you haven’t done before. Smaller classes allow for more personal attention from instructors and trainers and even better results and learning on your end. Take advantage of the slower gym times to build your fitness repertoire by trying some new things!

3. Get Started, or Restarted! – The pace of the gym in the summer is a great complement to getting started on any fitness goals that you’ve been putting off, or just to get back into your fitness groove. If you’re self-conscious or uncomfortable in any way in the gym setting, then the summer gym atmosphere is what you’re looking for. A little quieter, less hustle and bustle, great formula to get the ball rolling on a fitness routine. No waits for machines, more personal attention from staff and instructors, easier to chat and ask other members questions when there’s not a line waiting for the bench. It’s just a less intimidating atmosphere for someone who isn’t yet comfortable in the gym. It can allow you time to get acclimated, so when the rush returns, you’re prepared for it and familiar with your gym and fitness routine.

There are lots of reasons for the quieter times in the summer gym months. If you’re taking a break, hopefully your extra time is being spent productively and you’re fully enjoying the summer weather, revving up for a super fit Fall. And for those still hitting the gym through the summer months, enjoy the extra space, extra gains, and quieter times all summer. Be warned, there will be a wave of motivated fitness fanatics rolling back in soon, re-energized, recovered and even more focused.

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