The Blowout Effect


Let’s imagine you’re driving down the road on your way home from work and you suddenly realize you just blew out your back tire. How many of you would get out and stab a hole in the other three tires just because the first one is now ruined? That sounds ridiculous, right? Instead you would change the tire and continue on your way home.

Well, as silly as that sounds its exactly what I know a lot of people and even some of my clients have done in the past with their nutrition and training goals. They end up missing a workout on Monday or having to settle for a less than stellar meal when something unexpected comes up, and instead of just sticking to the plan they just say forget it and go on an all day binge or say they will start up next week.

We want our members to be 90% compliant with their training and nutrition guidelines which allows for a few meals here and there to enjoy what you’d like. However we see way too often people saying things like “Well I figured since I already had a bad breakfast I would just enjoy the rest of the day and start again fresh tomorrow.” They wake up the next morning feeling bloated and lethargic which leads to them skipping breakfast and possibly a workout.

Next time you miss a meal or have to push back a workout, just put it behind you and move right on to the next scheduled meal or workout and continue on down the road to your fat loss goals. Always remember this is about creating a healthy lifestyle and maintaining it for the long term. Don’t sabotage the rest of your success because of one little mistake.
Hope to see you in the gym!

Photo credit: Skippyjon

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