Staying Motivated during your Weight Loss Journey

By Real Results Participant, Rebecca Kopp

Hi Real Resulters,

Well, this week has been soooooooo much better than last week.  First of all I have made it to the gym five days in a row and the only reason I won’t be there on Saturday is I’m going out of town.  I work out first thing in the morning and it is usually not too hard for me to get up but as the weather turns colder and it gets darker the bed does seem to want to pull me back in.  But this week, my motivation and commitment was really there.  I felt good during my workouts and spin classes and I felt good afterwords.  I have also been following my nutrition plan and tracking it on line.  And that makes me feel good.

The difference between this week and last week is that I changed my attitude.  Instead of thinking of everything as a chore (getting my workout clothes ready for the next morning plus my work clothes because I shower at the gym before I go to work, planning my weeks meals, tracking the food, etc.), I thought of them as accomplishments.  I walked out of spin class one morning and a fellow spinner said,  “That’s another one in the bank” and I thought, he’s right.  Exercise is cumulative.  Each time I exercise or make the right food choice, it’s like putting a deposit in my “health bank.”  Okay, that might sound a little goofy and self helpish but it’s true.  It’s like the definition of insanity:  repeating the same actions and expecting a different result.  I won’t get a more fit body if I approach fitness and nutrition the same way I used to.

The other thing I did this week was I purchased new workout clothing and gloves.  I have been working out in college T-shirts and my husband’s old running shirts and though there is nothing wrong with that, my new clothes fit me better, are designed for fitness activities and, darn it, they’re really cute!  And don’t you play a better game of tennis if you are wearing a tennis outfit?  (If you don’t play tennis I am sure you can think of a similar analogy.)  The bottom line is the new clothes make me feel better about myself and about working out.

So that was my week and I hope you all had a good week too.

Keep on trucking, everybody!  (I know I dated myself with that line. Ha!)

Till next time.


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