Splitting Muscle Groups for Workouts

Ayman El-Sawa asked: If I work out 3 times a week, what’s the best way to divide muscle groups to get the maximum impact?

Our answer: With 3 workouts a week you could actually do full body workouts each time and not over work any groups. If you did want to split them up, there are many schools of thought as to the best way to do it and it would depend mostly on your specific goals. One option would be day 1 (chest&back) day 2 (legs) day 3 (shoulders&Arms) and working in abs on any one of two of the days. There are so many options for how to do this, it is difficult to explain it all here. Most importantly, you want to hit all of the major muscle groups once each week, and want to give them at least a day in between to recover. Feel free to stop over at the club and any one of our trainers can provide additional advice. Thanks for your question. I hope this was helpful.

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