Real Results Achieved by Eastpointe Health & Fitness Spring Real Results Participants

 Around the Hook Today – June 2010


“Each session gets better and better,” said EPH&F Nutritionist, Kim Garrity.  “Everyone who completed the eight week program achieved results.  In fact, our overall numbers exceeded our last session.”  Started in 2005, the Real Results program is run three times throughout the year and focuses not only on weight loss but on improving overall health through balanced nutrition and exercise.  As a result of this approach, participants see a reduction in other health indicators such as body measurements and body fat.  “We had six participants from the winter session sign up for this one,” continued Garrity.  “It is a testament to the fact that this program works.”

Real Results participants work with EPH&F trainers receiving the benefits of customized one-on-one and group training, as well as, nutritional counseling, weekly motivational meetings and lectures all designed to help each individual achieve personal goals and lifestyle changes.

“Fifteen participants finished the program and received their evaluation with the overall weight loss for the group coming to 118.5 lbs,” said Garrity.  “The group also lost a whopping total of 70.5 inches which is 20 inches more than the last session.”

The winner for overall weight loss for men was Paul Hammond.  “I had actually signed up for Real Results back in January but had to drop out due to a calf injury,” said Hammond.  “My impression of the Real Results Program is very favorable. I found the weekly group nutrition meetings to be very informative and supportive. At times it is difficult for me to be self- motivated, so the group workout sessions proved to be critical for me. I enjoyed each of the sessions I attended, and felt they were well worth the time. I feel like I made real progress, and now I make smarter and healthier food choices on a daily basis. I am looking forward to the next Real Results Program which will begin in September.”

The winner for overall weight loss for women was Marie Rispoli.  “Not only did Marie win for overall weight loss but she surpassed her goal,” commented Garrity.  “The eight week program at Eastpointe helped motivate me to reach my first goal in the weight loss program,” said Rispoli.  “The individual attention we received from Kim regarding nutrition and the weekly meetings helped me to be successful. We had a great group of people!!”

A winner in the body fat reduction and overall weight loss in the Real Results winter session, in this session, Maureen Catena topped the third category of losing the most inches and having perfect attendance at the meetings.  “The results I achieved in the winter Real Results program really movtivated me,” said Catena.  “I really got into it so I was excited to keep going in the spring session.  I loved working with the trainers, the small classes and the nutritional counseling with Kim has really changed how I eat.  I’m committed to keeping it going.”

The winner for lowering her body fat percentage was Janice Miholics.  Janice originally did an individual nutrition plan with Kim and felt that the program was a must to keep her headed in the right direction.  Her exercise routine has significantly affected her body fat numbers.  To continue this progress Janice has taken advantage of recent workshop offerings and is currently participating in Sunrise Beach Yoga as well as Boot Camp!

“Paul and Marie received a month free membership along with their choice of Eastpointe Health & Fitness hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts,” said Garrity.  “Maureen and Janice also received their choice of Eastpointe items.”

“The participants who didn’t win top honors still made amazing progress, said Garrity. Participant Rebecca Kopp, who blogged for the group, lost weight and inches.  “I was already receiving personal training when I signed up for Real Results,” said Kopp.  “I added spinning classes to my routine and met with Kim each week because I couldn’t make the group meetings. I thought I knew about nutrition but I really learned a lot from Kim.  Of course, I was happy to lose weight and I want to lose more but I was really blown away by losing two inches off my waist, my chest, my hips, my arms and my legs. That was amazing.”

“Past and current Real Results participants have said that what makes this program different from other programs is the amount of support and encouragement they received,” said Garrity “They really felt like they were part of a group and that that made the difference for them.”

As a wrap up, Kim and owner, Paul Mazzella encouraged participants to not rest on their laurels.  “Although you should celebrate your success, now is not the time to lose your momentum,” said Mazzella.  “We want exercise and good nutrition to become as natural to you as breathing.  We want you to keep going on to achieve even better levels of fitness or maintain what you have achieved.  We’re here to help you do just that.”

“Congratulations to all the Real Results participants,” said Garrity. “Thank you to all who participated in making the program a success, including my great training team!  Our next program begins in September and we will be making some exciting changes based on our participant feedback.”

For more information about the Real Results program or about becoming a member of Eastpointe Health & Fitness call 732-872-6595 or visit our website at



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