Ready for the Beach! Shore Results Memorial Day Melt Away Beach Body Challenge Final Results

As others were gearing up for the Memorial Day holiday weekend celebrations, our Memorial Day Melt Away participants were planning their final weigh-ins and body composition checks! Talk about dedication.

After a total of 6 weeks of hard work, the participants that stuck with their eating and exercise plan saw the benefits of their efforts. The results were amazing and as the beach season begins this group is ready! Congratulations to our prize winners:

$1000 was awarded to both the male and the female who lost the most body fat: Marc Greenberg and Alison Nesbihal

Top Females:

1 Alison Nesbihal
2 Tara McGovern
3 Maryana Organidis
4 Angela Cigolini
5 Kathy Donnelly
6 Grace Meek
7 Barbara O’Donell
8 Lois Montegomery
9 Cassandra Filippone
10 Cathy Lonardo

Top Males:

1 Marc Greenberg
2 Andrew Maresca
3 Dan Kole
4 Paul Ziolkowski
5 Anthony Lubrano
6 James Tennant
7 Attila Kett
8 Bill Howard
9 Greg Schnell
10 Ted Gauss

Congratulations to the entire Memorial Day Melt Away participant group for all their hard work and efforts. So many of the individuals reached personal goals, improved their health and are feeling great for the beach!

Our next program is the Jean’s Challenge/Gut to Cut in September! No need to wait if you are ready and interested in our ongoing programs, visit our Shore Results website, call the gym at 732.872.6595 or see a member of our staff for details. The best part is that the results are guaranteed!

Left to right: First Place Winner Marc Greenberg, Owner Paul Mazzella, Third Place Winner Dan Kole


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