Powerlifting Workshop

Six one-hour sessions starting week of 1/22/24.

Sessions will take place either on Saturdays at 11:15am or Wednesdays at 7pm (depending on availability of most participants).

$99 for non-members ($25 drop in)
$79 for basic members ($20)
$49 for SR Essentials or SR Group members ($15)
Free for SR AITP members

Minimum 4 participants to run the workshop.

Learn How Powerlift

Get ready for Eastpointe’s powerlifting workshop! Our trainer Izzy will be holding a beginner level power lifting course for 6 weeks here at Eastpointe! The goal is to work on technique, get stronger, and prevent future injury. Squats, bench, and deadlift will be the focus of each class. The first part of the course will be an instructional seminar then followed with fixing techniques and learning basic tips to improve your big three lifts. Stop by the front desk for more information and to find out how to sign up.

Get More Info or to Sign Up:

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