Improve your Posture and increase your Strength and Stability with Core Balance


Core Balance is a low-impact class for all ages and fitness levels. It focuses on the all important “core muscles” which are critical for flexibility and balance, and are cited as the number one problem area by women. The class helps you build strength and flexibility and results in an improved posture and a strong lean body. “Core work is not just about abs, and balance is not standing on one leg, it’s about creating a strong frame for your body that will help prepare you for daily life activities”, said Grace Lang Personal Trainer/Instructor at EPH&F.

Your core consists of the collection of muscles around your midsection that, when strong enough, supports your body in almost everything it does, from swinging a golf club, to reaching up for something on a top shelf. Weak core muscles leave you susceptible to poor posture, lower back pain and muscle injuries.

The class utilizes a variety of fitness tools such as the stability ball, dyna-bands and resistance bands, as well as free weights. The easy to follow exercises engage your core muscles, while also engaging other muscle groups, so you get a full body workout. For example, by performing exercises while sitting or lying on a stability ball, you strengthen your core as it is being engaged in maintaining your balance while at the same time building strength of other muscle groups by incorporating free weights or resistance bands. “I love adding variety to my classes and mixing up the exercises to keep the class fun while at the same time keeping muscles challenged”, said Grace.

If you haven’t tried a Core Balance class, we invite you to put your core to the test and experience the total body workout the class offers; Grace teaches the class on Tuesdays at 5:15 pm.

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