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Around the Hook Today – August 2010

“Almost every client who comes to see me about nutrition says “I know what I’m supposed to do,” said Kim Garrity, EPH&F Nutritionist.  “In today’s world people are becoming more knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness but knowing isn’t doing.   Although knowledge is power acting on that knowledge is the key.”  So how do we make the jump from “I know what I’m supposed to do” to actually doing it?

When it comes to incorporating an exercise and nutrition plan into your life, it requires a true desire to make a change, getting honest about your habits and being willing and open to doing things differently.   “If you think about it, your own habits haven’t gotten you to reach your goals so why not be willing to try another way,” said EPH&F Owner/Manager, Paul Mazzella.   “At EPH&F we can help you succeed in achieving your fitness goals or “doing what you’re supposed to do” by helping you identify where you need to change and offering support and encouragement so you don’t have to go it alone.”

“That’s a major key to succeeding in any fitness plan and that’s doing it with others,” added Kim.  “One of the main reasons our Real Results Program works is that participants bond as a group.  It helps to know that you’re “in it together”.   “I believe in the power of the group,” said past Real Results participant Rebecca Kopp.  “It makes a big difference.  You don’t feel alone and you really learn a lot from other people’s experiences.   The meetings really help to keep you on track and inspire you to keep going.”
“In addition to the standard weekly meeting about nutrition we are also expanding the group support and offering two or three optional 30 minute discussion groups  each week for Real Results participants to share about their successes and where they are struggling,” said Kim.

Real Results is an all-inclusive 8-week program designed to improve a person’s overall fitness through group training, nutrition counseling, seminars and individual fitness plans.  Individual goals vary and range from toning to increasing strength, from weight loss to improving other health indicators like the fat to lean muscle ratio and inches lost.  The program includes a full health assessment, an individualized nutrition and exercise plan, personal health report, before and after measurements and photos as well as ongoing monitoring and support to ensure success.  The next Real Results Program kicks off on September 27th.

“The Real Results program is also a great way to make exercise and good nutrition become as normal to your routine as breathing,” said Km.  “In fact, many scientists agree that the average person needs at least 3 weeks to form a good habit and with Real Results you get 8 weeks to do it!  The program provides behavioral modification exercises to support thesepositive changes; working on the inside component of weight loss as well as the outside!”

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