Hotel Room Workouts

Elaine Egidio asked: Many gym members who come to the gym regularly, find it hard to maintain their exercise routine while traveling. Can you recommend exercises that can be done in a hotel room using items that are easy to pack such as dyna bands, etc.

Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer Charlie Grant answers:

The first thing I would do when arriving at a new hotel is to ask where the closest gym is and a phone number. Call and ask about a day or weekly pass, then do a drive by to check it out. If there wasn’t one close or it didn’t look good, I would use my Resistance bands and Dyna bands which are light weight and easy to pack in your luggage.  When I used to travel I carried Resistance bands with a door chock on them. You would close it in a door at different heights so you could do chest presses or flyes, rows, move it high and do pull downs, triceps move it low or stand on it to do bicep curls, up-right rows, front and lateral shoulder raises. You could also stand on it and do squats, shoulder presses. Also standing on it and moving side to side using your leg abductors and adductors.  I would also go running if the area looked safe, if not you could run in place or use the stair wells for you cardio.You’re only there for a few days so make the best of it.

Photo Credit: Photograph World Sense

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