Fran Antonucci Success Story

A year ago Fran was in a very good place. She had lost a lot of weight and had just moved to the Atlantic Highlands area. She was looking for a gym that had the right “fit” for her and would help her achieve the remainder of her results. She came upon Eastpointe Health and Fitness and was motivated to get started with the Shore Results program. Fran was used to training one-on-one so this new approach was exciting and she was hoping that it would also give her a social connection; this was important to her, being new to the area.

Right away Fran experienced a sense of community at Eastpointe. She was getting the instruction, guidance and motivation that she was looking for. She started seeing results! In September of 2016, Fran joined the Jean’s Challenge at Eastpointe Health and Fitness, an 8 week intensive program that promises the loss of 2 jeans sizes. It was another great experience for Fran and this is where her story actually begins.

Fran’s story is similar to many health conscious women. She works hard toward her goals but continues to encounter obstacles! Fran experienced a number of challenges recently in her personal life, health and career, all simultaneously. Fran believes that this detour has challenged her to look within and figure out “how” to find her way. It is a work in progress. Fran continues to move toward her goals through sharing her story with others and developing a more positive self-image.

“Our journey may take us in a direction that we are not anticipating.” Fran is just now recognizing her success is not about actually obtaining her goal; it is about the process by which she is getting there, it is about searching for her balance.

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