For A Fun, High-Intensity, Low Impact Workout Nothing Beats A SPIN Class


SPIN class is a group exercise class lead by a certified instructor, which offers a high-intensity, yet low impact workout perfect for everyone from the beginner to advanced participant.  “SPIN is truly a class for everybody,” said Spin instructor, Dori Murray.  “You can work at your own pace and ride with the class, there is nothing else like it!  Spinning offers our members an efficient way to maintain or lose weight, stay in fabulous shape, promote fat loss, and improve lower body and core strength.”  A typical SPIN class lasts about 45 minutes and includes warm-up and cool down stretching.
“Last week a member told me, ‘Your class is my weekly therapy.’ This was one of the best compliments you can receive as a SPIN instructor,” said Kelly Lawrence, Monday and Thursday evening SPIN instructor.  “SPIN aerobics is one of the few workouts that you can add a personal touch to, both as the instructor or the student.  The instructor guides the class with a choreographed bike ride and the user can adjust that ride to meet their needs.  The ride can be modified for any age, fitness level, or physical restraints.”
Dori recommends Spinning no more than three to four days a week. In addition to Spinning, strength training is recommended so that Spinning does not burn away muscle, but burns the fat you want to get rid of. Along with strength training, yoga and Pilates will help to elongate muscles and improve muscle symmetry.

At Eastpointe Health and Fitness, each SPIN instructor brings their own personality to the workout with their music selection and riding style.  Whether you are going “around the world” with Britney Spears, “jumping” to the latest GLEE tune or “climbing a hill” out in position 3 with Tom Petty, there is a SPIN workout for everyone at Eastpointe Health and Fitness.

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