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Our “All Inclusive Training Package” Takes Training To the Next Level!

Results. No matter who you are, what your fitness level, or what your fitness goals, when youdescribe the image
commit to joining a gym you want results. EPH&F has created an All Inclusive Training Program (AITP) and a brand new training studio to do just that—deliver results.

“You asked and we delivered,” said EPH&F owner, Paul Mazzella. “We needed more space and a place where we could put our new cutting edge, All-Inclusive Training Program into action. The space is called Shore Results.” One space over from the EPH&F main gym in Eastpointe Plaza, Shore Results has been built specifically for AITP clients and trainers/coaches. Opening the first week of April, this unique training studio also includes a
shake bar called Shore Shakes for recovery shakes at the end of a workout or as a meal replacement. “Shore Shakes will provide members with delicious and nutritionally balanced shakes designed to optimize your workouts and help your body be more efficient,” said Mazzella.

“We’re excited about Shore Results and our All Inclusive Training Package because it offers a unique training experience at an unbelievable value,” said Mazzella. “It is probably unlike anything you have been a part of before, but the bottom line is it works.”

The All Inclusive Training Package Is A Cutting Edge Training System That Gets Results

“AITP starts with a detailed evaluation with one of our fitness coaches,” said Brian Bott, Certified Personal Trainer at Shore Results. “After discussing your health and fitness goals, we have you perform a movement screening. This is the keystone of the program. From this movement screening evaluation, we determine your strengths and weaknesses. This enables us to design a training program specifically for you that will not only help you lose body fat, but help prevent injury and get you moving better. But that’s only the jumping off point; the All Inclusive Training Package includes so much more.”

“Each month you will receive 4 intensive semi-private coaching sessions with one of our Shore Results fitness coaches who will teach and help motivate you through your program,” continued Bott. “Your program will consist of strength exercises and movements that utilize some of the weights and equipment with which you may be familiar, but also many with which you will not be familiar.” For instance, the program does not include the use of selectorized strength machines that are typical to most fitness facilities. The type of equipment you will find in Shore Results are cable machines, squat racks and lifting platforms, dumbbells, kettlbells, TRXs, chin up bars, battle ropes and a 75ft x 8ft section of conditioning turf to push the prowler sled.

Unlimited Coaching Will Help You Commit To Your Workouts

“Perhaps the most valuable piece of the membership is the unlimited coaching that you receive when you come into Shore Results to work out on your own,” said Bott. “This is a crucial element to be successful in your program and achieve the results you want. Many of us have no problem coming to the gym for our scheduled coaching session. Where the rubber meets the road is coming to the gym on your own. But when you have an All Inclusive Training membership you won’t be working out alone. It means that you can come into the gym at any time and there will always be a coach available to answer any questions or help you with any exercises you may be having trouble with in your program.” AITP members will also have their programs updated every 4 to 6 weeks to keep workouts efficient and effective.

Nutrition Is The Key To Taking Your Results To a Whole New Level

The final piece to getting “sure” results is a sound nutrition plan. “All AITP members receive a 30 minute consultation with our nutritionist, Kim Garrity, to get you set up on a nutrition plan which includes meal plans, body measurements and body composition testing,” said Bott. “You will receive a journal to log your meals, which you bring into each session to be reviewed.” “A huge part of people achieving results with a fitness program is nutrition,” said Garrity. “This piece of the fitness puzzle has to be in place for you to really succeed.” As part of the coaching team, Garrity will be on hand to answer your nutrition questions and adjust your nutrition plan as needed. In addition, unlimited group nutrition discussions will be available each week to provide accountability and ongoing support for behavioral changes.

AITP Membership Also Includes the Basic Gym Membership

“As part of your All Inclusive Training Package membership, we’ve included the basic EPH&F gym membership so that you can still take any of our 40+ group classes or use the treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bicycles or any of our other equipment in the main gym,” added Mazzella. “The AITP membership really is a unique program guaranteed to help you reach your fitness goals and it is a tremendous value when you consider the scope of what it includes and how sure we are that you will get sure results!”

The All Inclusive Fitness Program Includes:

  • Complete Fitness Evaluation with one of our Coaches ($149 value)
  • Individualized Program specifically designed for you and your goals and updated every 4-6 weeks
  • 4+ Intensive Semi-Private Coaching Sessions per Month (1 per week)
  • UNLIMTED In-Gym Coaching even when you are not in for your session
  • Nutrition program including a thirty-minute Nutrition Consultation and unlimited group support
  • Plus your regular gym membership is INCLUDED!
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