Cardio and Muscle Growth

Phil DiBenedetto asked: Is it true that too much cardio may actually hinder the goal of muscle growth? And is cardio best done before or after weight training?

There are some studies that claim to have found that but generally they are very extreme amounts of cardio and not what people with a good balanced routine would come close to doing. Runners training for marathons and running dozens of miles per day might have a hard time building muscle, but anything up to 20 miles or so a week should not be a problem. I would say the cardio before or after question is more of a personal preference… on one hand it is a good way to warm up… but on the other hand you don’t want to tire yourself out before you do your strength training. One recommendation would be to do a cardio warm up before working out, but limit that to 20 or 30 minutes max to save your strength for your strength training. If you plan to run a longer distance, then just do a quick cardio warm up and save the long run for after you complete your strength training. Hope that helps. Are you coming in tonight Phil?


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