Better Goal Setting Strategies Will Make the Difference for Your Success

Make this year stand out! Like every New Year, millions will set resolutions to commit to a diet and exercise plan, and if you’re reading this, you’re likely among them. However the unfortunate truth is that most people will fail. They will begin a program for a few weeks, maybe a couple months even and either due to lack of results or loss of willpower they will give up on their exercise routine. However having better goal setting strategies from the onset can greatly improve your chances of success. Here are five simple tips to set better goals and make this New Year different.

1. Clearly define what it is that you want to accomplish.

Every person will have the same statement… “I want to lose weight and be in shape.” This can mean many different things to a lot of people. Write down EXACTLY what it is you want to accomplish. Be specific. “I want to lose 15lbs” is much more powerful than simply stating you want to lose weight. Don’t focus just on the scale either, for women try something like “ I want to lose 2 jean sizes.” These types of goals are measurable and can keep you on track. You know if you are down 10 lbs. you only have 5 more to go to reach your goal.

2. Break this goal down to action statements.

A majority of people will too often stop here when it comes to setting a goal for themselves. One strategy we encourage our clients to use is to make goals to action statements. These are simple measurable things that you must do that if followed will lead you to your overall goal. “I will complete 3 strength workouts per week and interval cardio 2 times per week…” is more powerful than I’m going to try to get to the gym more often. “I will focus each meal around a lean protein…” is again more powerful than “I’m going to eat better” Focus on what you will actually be doing and the results will follow.

3. You are always getting closer or further from your goal.

I heard this expression from my mentor Alwyn Cosgrove and it really stuck in my mind. He said, “focus on winning each play, and the game will take care of itself.” This is a great analogy to fat loss. Every time you are about to eat, go out with friends, or workout is an opportunity that either allows you to get closer or further from your goal. You can either order a salad with some lean meat and fruit or you can grab a burger like everyone else. The choice truly is yours. To the same point don’t throw out an entire day just because you mess up one meal or miss a workout. Go to the next meal/work-out and get right back to it.

4. Include others in your goals any way possible.

Social research makes it pretty clear. We are more likely to accomplish our goals when we make them known to friends and family members, and even MORE likely to succeed if they have similar goals as well. So try and think of some creative ways to get others involved to keep you motivated. The challenge between Paul and Jay was a perfect example. They both had been training for several months before and making slow and steady progress. After they made a brotherly wager for charity they lost a combined 26lbs in 6 weeks.

5. Eliminate any and all guess work you can.

Let’s face it. Not all of us experts at financial planning, marketing and real estate are also fat loss experts. If there is something you want to accomplish or learn you have two choices. Study everything and everything there is that relates to the topic and become an expert OR hire someone who has done the grunt work for you. Not sure how to start a Roth IRA or the retirement plan? Than hire a planner that can help set it up for you. Not sure how to make a certain dish you like? Then find a recipe to follow online or in a cook book. Losing body fat is no different. Hire a trainer that can help set up a program designed for your body and your goals. Pick their brain or better yet have them write you out a sample diet to follow. This way you aren’t left doubting what you are doing and investing your time into. You simply have to follow the steps and the results will follow.

Decide now to make 2012 different. Put these tips to work for you regardless of what your New Year’s resolution might be.

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