10 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym!

By Mike Kubas

The things NOT to do in a gym are kind of like those things that you just know are DON’Ts when you see them! These might not necessarily be the first things that comes to mind when you think of poor gym etiquette, but when you see it, you KNOW it has no place in the gym. Here’s a list of 10 common gym fouls you’re hopefully not committing!

1. Hogging the Equipment

We’re all probably guilty of this at one point or another but try to be conscious of letting others work in and not hording 5 sets of dumbbells for your killer circuit.

2. Leaving Your Sweat Behind

Wipe off the equipment when you’re done. Nobody wants to sit in a puddle of some strangers sweat. This goes for cardio equipment, as well as mats and dumbbells. The person using it after you appreciates it, even if they don’t realize it.

3. Using The Fitness Floor as Your Home Office

I’m sure there are some phone calls that just can’t wait, I get it, but I also know the fitness floor of your local gym is not the place to take or make that call. Kindly excuse yourself, or go outside, its distracting to members exercising, causing a safety hazard for everyone.

4. Using the Work-Text-Rest-Pause-Text-Work Training Methodology

We’ve all seen it, we’ve probably all even done it at some point. But please be courteous when using benches and equipment. Don’t use it primarily for a seat while navigating your Instagram feed. There’s an acceptable amount of phone usage between sets, but too often we see people get lost in their phones while others are waiting to use the equipment they’re on. Let people work in, or better yet spend less time on the phone and more time getting your workout done! The workout counts even if it doesn’t make it to your Instagram story.

5. Not Keeping Your Clothes On (Right Said Fred lied to you)

Yes, that reference is a bit dated, but even if it doesn’t resonate with you, please come to the gym dressed and keep your clothes on at all times when not in the locker room. We all know you look         UH-MAZING, but you don’t need to prove it to us, save it for the beach.

6. Letting Everyone Know What Rep You Are On

While the gym does draw quite a few different characters, it’s not Sesame Street and The Count isn’t one of them. Much like gym-floor office guy, its distracting to other members and unnecessary. Try to keep your rep counts in your head and not scream them across the gym every rep.

7. Hovering over the Equipment (Vulture)

Unless you’re hovering over the work-text-rest-pause-text guy, please don’t hover. Just kidding, try not to hover at all when waiting for equipment. It makes others uncomfortable, do something while you wait, even if it’s just grabbing a drink at the water fountain.

8. Interrupting Someone Mid-Exercise

Nobody wants to be interrupted mid set, unless it’s a dire emergency, let your fellow gym-goer finish their exercise before you ask them something or squeeze past them, no matter how insightful what you have to say may be.

9. Dropping Weights Unnecessarily

We know you’re lifting heavy, there’s no need to make a scene about it. Granted some instances it’s ok to drop the weight, ie deadlift, or failing at a lift, but when there’s no immediate danger to you, please put the wights down under control. It can distract people and make some uncomfortable in what should be a comfortable setting for everyone.

10. Believing Manifest Destiny Applies to You and Your Workout

Leave your stuff in the locker room please. Many gyms don’t have the space to allow you to set up your entire life next to your bench. There’s not enough space for your gallon jug, over-sized duffel bag with clothes, shakes, bands, braces, and belts. You may be ready to surround yourself with all your belongings to make it feel like home, but it’s a hazard on the floor and inconveniences many other members when it’s in a walkway or by neighboring equipment.

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