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Let’s face it, when you decide to join a gym, no matter what your fitness level and goals, you want results, and Shore Results was created to deliver just that. You have several training options to choose from, depending on your budget, fitness level, and level of support that you are looking for.

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Our new All-Inclusive Training Programs, offered by Shore Results, are a unique training experience unlike any you may have had in the past. Your All-Inclusive Training Membership includes the following:

  • A complete Fitness Evaluation with one of our Coaches, during which we will discuss your fitness goals and perform a movement screening so we can design a program that helps you achieve your goals while preventing injury
  • An Individualized Program specifically designed to you and your goals.
  • 4 Intensive Semi-Private Coaching Sessions
  • UNLIMTED In-Gym Coaching even when you are not in for your session
  • A Nutrition Consultation with Kim Garrity, our Nutritionist, to provide you with your basic nutrition rules of the program
  • Plus your regular gym membership is INCLUDED!
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Group Training

Our group training program is a scientifically developed, results-oriented group exercise program. It is designed to jump-start your metabolism, keep you safe from injury, get you burning fat, building lean muscle and improving your functional movement in day to day activities. As part of your group membership you get unlimited access to our high energy group strength and metabolic coaching sessions.

  • Complete Fitness Evaluation and Movement Screening
  • Body Composition Testing
  • Before and after photos (optional)
  • Unlimited Lean Muscle Building Strength Classes and Fat Burning Metabolic Classes
  • Full Gym Membership (including all Group Fitness Classes)
  • Nutrition Guidelines and review meeting

*This membership is recommended if you do not have any special circumstances such as injuries or limitations which require you have a customized program designed for you. All programs include a functional movement screening to determine eligibility for group exercise.

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Shore Results Essentials

In addition to group training sessions offered to Shore Result Group Members, you get a customized workout with 2 semi-private training sessions, and unlimited Shore Results Group Classes and coaching.

  • Complete Fitness Evaluation and Movement Screening
  • Body Composition Testing
  • Before and after photos (optional)
  • Individualized/Customized Training Program (updated every 4-6 weeks)
  • Four Training Sessions to get started
  • Two Training Sessions to learn each new program
  • Unlimited supervised visits in Shore Results
  • Unlimited Group Classes
  • Full Gym Membership
  • Nutrition Guidelines and Review
  • Meeting with Optional Journaling and Follow up

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Whether you require customized programming or prefer training in a group, our Shore Results facility has something for everyone. To find out what’s right for you, sign up for our no obligation strategy session.

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All of our programs include a comprehensive body composition analysis to prove your results, click the button below to find out more about this test.

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