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Around the Hook Today – February 2011

Winter session of Real Results is well underway at Eastpointe Health & Fitness.

Snow, ice and bad weather has not stopped this group of Real Results participants from getting involved in the program!  The session had a delayed start due to Mother Nature, but on January 19th, seventeen members began their journey to health.   This session of the all-inclusive health program runs for eight weeks and participants are well on their way to making positive changes.

Real Results participants have been working with EPH&F trainers receiving the benefits of customized one-on-one and group training, as well as, nutritional counseling, weekly motivational meetings and lectures, all designed to help each individual achieve personal goals and lifestyle changes.

The program’s track record has shown that it does work.  First started in 2005, the program is run three times throughout the year and focuses not only on weight loss but on improving overall health through balanced nutrition and exercise.  As a result of this approach, participants see a reduction in other health indicators such as body measurements and body fat.  The average weight loss over the 8-week period is 12 lbs for each person successfully completing the program.  Since the program’s inception over 250 participants have taken the journey.  Many of these members have gone on to maintain their results; some even join subsequent programs to continue their momentum. The goals of this group vary greatly and range from improving overall health and stamina to increasing energy levels to losing weight.

So what is in store for participants over the next several weeks?  Trainers are currently working with them in several teams where they receive the benefits of customized personal training.  They are also attending  ongoing nutritional counseling, discussion group sessions, weekly motivational meetings and lectures all designed to help each individual achieve personal goals and lifestyle changes.

“Past and current Real Results participants have said that what makes this program different from other programs is the amount of support and encouragement they received,” said Kim Garrity, Nutritionist and program administrator “They really feel like they are part of a group and that makes all the difference for them.”

If you would like to keep track of the group’s progress you can do so via the nutrition blog on our website.  You can see weekly status updates from the program.

It is never too late to begin!
Just because you missed the start of the January session does not mean you have to wait for the next session to begin.  Individual nutrition plans and customized training programs are available now and can set the foundation for the next program in April.  Interested? Want to get started?  Register for your free consultation by submitting an inquiry on the Nutrition page or giving us a call.   For a full description of the Real Results program including future dates and a complete list of what is included, again, call EPH&F at (732) 872-6595 or visit our Real Results page.

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