So Exactly WHAT has the Real Results Team been doing?

The seventeen (17) members that joined the Real Results program on April 4th have been very busy improving their lifestyles and general health.

The goals of this Spring group varied greatly and ranged from improving overall health and stamina to increasing energy levels to losing weight. Each participant was given the personal attention to uncover the internal desires motivating them to change, and then throughout the program they have been coached toward successfully achieving their objectives.

Tracking workouts is a big indicator of progress; our top workout tracker thus far has logged in a total of 39 workouts over the 7 weeks!!

Instead of telling you what they have been up to, we asked THEM to tell us in their own words.

As they approach the final week of the program here are some reactions:

o “I am so motivated by all of the support offered to the group by the staff!”

o “I am motivated by the fact that my clothes are fitting better.”

o “ I have really enjoyed working out with the trainers during the group sessions! It helps to keep me motivated to make the time to workout.”

o “I have learned that eating right AND exercising are both critical to successful weight loss.”

o “I have more energy and less pain in my back.”

So what is in store for participants next? Final evaluations will be scheduled next week to track their loss of weight, inches and body fat. Winners of the program will be announced in early June.

It is never too late to begin!

Just because you missed the start of the Spring session does not mean you have to wait for the next session to begin. Individual nutrition plans are available now and can set the foundation for the next program in September. Interested? Want to get started? Register for your free consultation by completing the form on this Nutrition page or giving us a call. For a full description of the Real Results program including future dates and a complete list of what is included, again, call or visit our Real Results page.

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