Ready for the Beach! Shore Results Memorial Day Melt Away Beach Body Challenge Final Results

As others were gearing up for the Memorial Day holiday weekend celebrations, our Memorial Day Melt Away participants were planning their final weigh-ins and body composition checks! Talk about dedication.

After a total of 6 weeks of hard work, the participants that stuck with their eating and exercise plan saw the benefits of their efforts. The results were amazing and as the beach season begins this group is ready! Congratulations to our prize winners:

$1000 was awarded to both the male and the female who lost the most body fat:

Tim Cross and Colleen Piano

Tim burned over 20% of his total body fat during our 6 week challenge.

Top Males:

1) Tim Cross
2) Ross Dimiceli
3) Tim Parker
4) Andy Taffin
5) John Luciano
6) Joe Fuechack
7) Keith Diebold
8) Chris Hancock
9) Mike Schoeller
10) Jon Crowley

Colleen burned over 35% of her total body fat during out 6 week challenge!

Top Females:

1) Colleen Piano
2) Bonnie DiMeglio
3) Breta Young
4) Conor Barnes
5) Noel Latore
6) Lynette Roslansky
7) Wanda Kelley
8) Colleen Sutphen
9) Janet Diebold
10) Cindy GoodCongratulations to the entire Memorial Day Melt Away participant group for all their hard work and efforts. So many of the individuals reached personal goals, improved their health and are feeling great for the beach!

Our next program is the Summer Look/Live/Perform Challenge which kicks off on July 6th and runs until August 16th! If you are interested in our ongoing programs, visit the Summer Challenge page, or call the gym at 732.872.6595 or see a member of our staff for details. The best part is that the results are guaranteed!

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