Motivated participants Strive Hard and Successfully Complete the Shore Results Jean’s Challenge & Gut to Cut Programs!

“I can not believe it has been 8 weeks already!” This is a common response as participants try on their Jeans and get final body composition tests. Time seemed to fly by as the participants in this year’s contest logged their workouts and journaled their nutrition diligently during the program.

The 2013 Shore Results’ Jeans Challenge program began in September. It is a comprehensive approach to battle those extra pounds that may have crept up over time. 29 women were selected to participate in a challenge to drop 2 jeans sizes in 8 weeks. This year we also added the Gut to Cut program which parallels the Jeans Challenge but is geared more toward the males in the group.

What gives them the winning edge

Our participants jumped in full-force with a positive attitude and lots of energy! Extensive support; participants agree that this is the number one differentiating factor and one that drives the success of both programs. During the ongoing nutrition meetings participants discuss obstacles to success, get feedback on food choices and adhere to a strict set of nutritional guidelines proven to increase fat loss while sustaining muscle.
The program ended on November 17th and we are happy to report that of the 25 participants that completed the program 24 fit into their jeans successfully! Winners were announced at the Completion Party on Thursday evening Nov 21st. The women wore their “new” size jeans for the after photos and received makeovers compliments of Color Bar 51 to ensure they were looking fabulous for their photos!


Are YOU up for the Challenge?!!In the Gut to Cut program, 5 gentlemen competed for the overall prize of $600. Contestants lost a total of 30 lbs of body fat. The overall winner with the biggest change in body fat was Greg Haddad of Atlantic Highlands. Greg dropped over 15 lbs of body fat. Our runner up in the contest worked extremely hard to surpass the system recommended goal for body fat loss; Tyler Kimble of Highlands lost close to 10lbs of body fat.
Congratulations to all of the participants for their commitment and dedication during the program!

Our Next 8 week Shore Results program – The New Year New You Body Transformation Contest – Starts on January 27th!

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