BIG Losses Announced in the New Year, New You Body Transformation Challenge!

On January 21st, the 2019 New Year; New You Body Transformation Contest challenged thirteen teams to lose the most body fat while gaining muscle.

Contest participants received exercise and nutrition coaching to help them on their fitness journey. Team members also attended a workshop at the start of the program to learn how to achieve the most effective results. In addition to the ongoing fitness coaching, participants received weekly motivational emails, had access to online forums and web-based information – all offered to provide the critical support proven to increase success rates.

On March 3rd the program ended and all final weigh-ins were complete. There was no arguing with the amazing results! 608 lbs of fat loss– a true testament to everyone’s dedication and hard work. The team-based competition was a huge success with everyone working hard toward their goals.

Finale Party Results and Awards!

The Finale Party was held on Tuesday evening, March 5th .

The winning team consisted of: Andy Taffin, Rich Concato, Steve Damen and James Smith. Team “Minsky” took home $4000 as first place winners!

Rich Concato (and Andy Taffin on facetime) accepting payment from Paul Mazzella for Team Minsky

In addition to the grand cash prize, special awards were also given out to the following:

  • The 2nd Place Team: Bill and Christine Burke, Theresa Levy and Damien Willems
  • The 3rd Place Team: Lynn and Chris Hancock, Kevin Moylan and John Sheehan
  • Highest Female Scores: Heather Fitch, Addy Bonet, Christine Burke, Marie Jackson, Carolyn Conover and Donna Czujiko
  • Highest Male Scores: Rich Concato, Steve Damen, Andy Taffin, Bill Burke and James Smith

Fitness challenge winners

The Shore Results Team and all of our Eastpointe Staff would like to thank our participants and congratulate them for a job well done! And for the participants who didn’t win the cash or special prizes? Well, they are still big winners. They walked away from this contest with a new body and the knowledge and experience to keep their transformation going.

Our next all-inclusive body transformation contest, The Memorial Day Melt Away will begin on April 15th. Interested in hearing more about our programs? Click here to set up a Strategy Session to discuss your goals and how we can make them a reality!

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