A Friendly Competition Between Brothers

It all started many years ago, a little friendly competition between brothers.  Who could run faster, jump higher, play harder…Jay or Paul?  Over the years there have been varying wagers, always one winner and one fallen hero.  All in the spirit of competition.

Fast forward 2011.   The Mazzella brothers have been faced with the challenge of staying in shape while battling age, business ownership and the other demands in their lives.  Carrying on the tradition of competition, Brian has set forth a challenge to them both to be healthy and

From Gut to Cut Body Fat Fundraiser

strong.  Can they achieve it?  Which brother will shine in the glory of the win?  Will it be Oreo Kid Jay or Pasta Pounder Paul?


Paul and Dr. Jay are competing in a 6 week challenge to get lean and mean!  Initial measurements have been recorded and body fat goals have been set.  Each brother will work hard to achieve their goals combining exercise and nutrition.

Donations will be collected from members, employees, family and friends as “bets” on each contestant.
•    Paul’s chosen charity is St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital
•    Dr. Jay’s charity is the National Vaccine Information Center

The winner of the contest will be the one who achieves the highest percentage of their goal body fat loss.  The loser has to match the amount collected for the winners charity.


  • Physical challenges will be orchestrated each week (by Brian and Kim) to add additional money to the charity fund!  Look for announcements in the gym and come out to cheer on your favorite brother.
  • Starting statistics and mid-point progress numbers will be posted in the gym and updated on our website blog.
  • And last but far from least;  If one or more contestant does not reach their 6 week goal by the end date, that brother has to do a Zumba class the week of October 24th in an outfit provided by Nadine!

Fill out the form on the right to pledge your donation and place your bet!

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