Body transformation challenge participant

Fall Body Transformation Challenge

Are you ready to lose fat and gain muscle?

If you are ready for a true body transformation, your timing is perfect for our fall challenge starting on September 18th!!

Our focus on this challenge is not only to lose fat, but to get you stronger and gain muscle! If that is part of your goal than this challenge is for you. Unlike our other challenges, our Fall Body Transformation Challenge gets you points and prizes for increasing your muscle mass. It is not just your average fat loss contest!

Here is how it works:

  • Both men and woman can participate
  • You register for the program at one of the 5 levels available (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the levels)
  • You have the option of scheduling a complimentary interview/health history and movement screening to help you determine which package is recommended based on your health history and ability
  • You will get an initial, mid-point and ending weigh-in on our InBody machine to determine total pounds of muscle/body fat as well as water levels
  • You collect your prize! AND you look & feel fantastic for the holidays!

Over $1000 in cash and other prizes in total for winners in each of the three categories*

  • Most lbs. of skeletal muscle mass added
  • Most lbs. of body fat lost
  • Largest % change in Body Fat %

*prize amounts determined by actual number of program participants that register.

Depending on the level that you chose the program may include:

  • 4 group exercise sessions a week (choose from morning, evening and weekend sessions)
  • A customized program, designed specifically for you and your goals! with training support each week
  • An accountability meeting every week with an assigned coach
  • Sample Menu plans and nutrition guidelines
  • PLUS one of the most important factors in being successful…LOTS AND LOTS OF SUPPORT!
  • Program packages range from $99 to $499

Get ready to gain the muscle and lose the fat!

To register or for more information complete the form on the right or inquire at the club.

Click here for the full rules.

*We need at least 20 participants in total to pay out the entire $1000 in total cash and prizes.

Have Questions? Not sure which option is best for you?

Complete this form and tell us the best way to reach you and someone will contact you shortly

Join us on Thursday, September 14th at 7pm for an informative session on the challenges, get some helpful tips and get your questions answered!

Options Available:

(1) All Inclusive Training Option: ($499)

If you are not a Shore Results member and are serious about losing fat this option is for you! You will receive all the benefits of being a Shore Results training client for the 6 weeks of the program. Specifically, this is what you’ll get:
• Complete Fitness Evaluation & Movement Screening
• Customized Program (updated during the program if needed)
• One Semi-Private training session per week (6 total for the 6 weeks)
• Unlimited “coaching as needed” visits to Shore Results
• Unlimited Group Strength and Metabolic Classes (click here for schedule)
• Nutrition Guidelines and Nutrition Guideline Review Meeting
• Nutrition Journal to track your eating that can be reviewed weekly by our coaches or nutritionist
• Body composition testing (before, middle, end)
• Before and After photos (optional)
• Full access to online resources including exercise and nutrition forums and recipes

(2) Shore Results Essentials Option: ($399)
If you are looking for a customized workout to improve your results but want to keep your cost lower and still get ongoing support; this option is ideal for you! You get a customized workout with 2 semi-private training sessions, unlimited Shore Results Group Classes and coaching throughout the 6 weeks for only $299.

(3) Shore Results Group Option: ($299)
Get unlimited access to our high energy group strength and metabolic classes for the 6 weeks of the contest. Our group program is a scientifically developed, results-oriented group exercise program. It is designed to jump-start your metabolism, keep you safe from injury, get you burning fat, building lean muscle and improving your functional movement in day to day activities. As part of your group membership you get unlimited access to our high energy group strength and metabolic coaching sessions. For a schedule CLICK HERE.

**This membership is recommended if you do not have any special circumstances such as injuries or limitations which require you have a customized program designed for you. All programs include a functional movement screening to determine eligibility for group exercise.

(4) Basic Gym Membership Option: ($99)

If you are currently a member of the gym and would like to participate but want to follow your own workout, this option includes only your participation in the challenge. You’ll continue to have full access to the main gym, including group fitness classes, during the 6-week period. (If you are currently not a gym member this option would be $189 and include your membership.)

(5) Shore Results Basic Contestant: ($50)
As a basic contestant you must already be a member of Shore Results. You will be weighed in at the beginning, middle and end of the contest and will be eligible to win the $1000 prize if you lose the largest percentage of body fat during the contest. This option does not include any additional training, nutrition, or membership during the 6-week period beyond what you are already getting with your current membership.

Hurry! Time is running out!
I you’re interested in joining the challenge please complete the form above or call the gym 732.872.6595 to schedule a complementary Shore Results Strategy Session to find out how you can achieve amazing results!