For A Fun, High-Intensity, Low Impact Workout Nothing Beats A SPIN Class
SPIN class is a group exercise class lead by a certified instructor, which offers a high-intensity, yet low impact workout
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Interval Training
Cardio training on treadmill By Susan Patton, Personal Trainer Are you suffering through long steady bouts on the treadmill?  Have
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Cardio vs. Strength Training
  By Susan Patton, Personal Trainer So you’ve decided to get yourself into shape. Congratulations! You’ve joined Eastpointe Health &
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Hotel Room Workouts
Elaine Egidio asked: Many gym members who come to the gym regularly, find it hard to maintain their exercise routine while
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Increasing Muscle Mass and Strength while Lifting Less
Dan White asked: I was recently told by my Dr. that it’s time for me to give up the heavy
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Shin Splints and what to eat for increased energy before running
Brooke Goss asked: For my cardio workout I enjoy running and using the elliptical but lately I have gotten shin
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Splitting Muscle Groups for Workouts
Ayman El-Sawa asked: If I work out 3 times a week, what’s the best way to divide muscle groups to
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Weight Lifting for Endurance
Jim Henkel asked: When working out I need not only to gain strength but endurance as well. I struggle at
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Cardio and Muscle Growth
Phil DiBenedetto asked: Is it true that too much cardio may actually hinder the goal of muscle growth? And is
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