Our Commitment to Your Safety – We are Upping Our Game Here!

Throughout our reopening process you can be assured that your health is our priority. As you know, high standards are part of our daily operations. We set the bar for what it means to be a clean club, and now we’re taking that to the next level. We are doing everything possible to ensure a safe environment for you upon your return including an expanded cleaning protocol, a new state of the art sanitizing system, extra space for physical distancing and revised procedures and facility upgrades. Over the past several weeks, with guidance from health officials, we’ve been working hard to redesign our environment and have invested in new resources to protect the health and safety of our community.

Next-Level Clean
  • Our new Viking Pure Solutions Generator and sanitizing system includes an electrostatic sprayer and solutions that have a 30 second kill time for coronavirus. But the best part is that they do not contain harmful chemicals and can be used frequently without residue. We are very excited about this new investment in our member and employee safety. To read more about it please visit
  • Meticulous cleaning protocols that exceed the industry guidelines: Any surface you touch will have been disinfected within the past three hours.
  • Sanitizing stations: We’re adding 7+ hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipe stations to our existing set up
  • Hands-free amenities: We’re upgrading amenities to create a contactless experience when possible.
Physical distancing
Expanded Workout & Equipment Spacing

Our top priority is to provide a comfortable and safe workout space; allowing better distancing for exercise. To that end, we have secured, and built out, three additional areas. The first provides 1,400 sq. ft. of indoor workout space in the plaza, a few doors to our north, which is currently equipped with 40% of our cardio equipment and 10 strength machines. The second indoor space of 1,100 sq. ft., next to the post office, will be utilized as a combination Spin and Group Fitness Room, allowing our participants to remain 6 ft apart while attending a class. Keep in mind that we have not been provided with any guidance regarding the reopening of group fitness – so more to come here. The third provides 1,500 sq. ft. of outdoor work out area. This is a great space for our members to workout outdoors on the same type of ½”rubber flooring that we have inside the club.

Floor Markers and Signage

We have identified a few areas of the club that pose a traffic risk and we will be adding physical markings in these areas to improve pedestrian traffic flow and support safe distancing. We have also improved our signage for Sanitization stations and CDC recommendations for our members. Our Shake Bar tables will be set up outside and our front desk area has been equipped with plexiglass.

The Community Code (Strength in Numbers – We’ll need your help!)

We are also working on a Community Code to distribute to our members which will explain your part in the process. Our Community Code, in combination with the new procedures and facility updates, will help to put you at ease when returning to your workouts. These details will be updated once we have guidance from the state on requirements. Click here for the full Community Code.