Virginia has her life back thanks to Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare

Virginia hiking with her husband in England, and walking on the beach – activities she thought she would never get to do due to her pain before seeking treatment at Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare

When I started going to Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare two years ago, I could barely use my hands from tendinitis and overuse.

My job requires me to sit for hours on a computer and to travel (long-haul flights and lugging luggage). My personal life was focused on DIY activities. This combination ultimately caused tendinitis in my thumbs. I had trouble doing any tasks that required the use of my hands – typing, cooking, gardening, etc. It continued to get worse, and I started having trouble with basic daily self-care, like holding a toothbrush.

I started my care at Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare with massage therapy, then added acupuncture, then chiropractic, and ultimately physical therapy.

I really benefited from having multiple modalities of treatment available in one facility, under a single care plan. Combining Physical Therapy, Massage, Chiropractic and Acupuncture has helped my injuries heal. They all contributed to my recovery.

It has been a long journey, but I am almost pain-free and am able to do all the activities I enjoy and that my life requires. Every member of the staff is wonderful! They are very caring, patient and encouraging.

Bottom line is that I’m almost pain-free, am stronger, and most importantly, I have my life back!

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